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On this day in music history: February 13, 1983 - Marvin Gaye performs “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the 33rd NBA All-Star Game at The Forum in Inglewood, California. Just ten days before winning two Grammy Awards for his comeback smash “Sexual Healing”, the R&B legend sings the National Anthem prior the All-Star Game airing on the CBS television network. Working with his frequent musical collaborator and brother-in-law, guitarist Gordon Banks, Gaye and Banks craft a highly distinctive and stripped down version of “The Star Spangled Banner”, played on keyboards and a Roland TR-808 drum machine. Not having performed in front of an audience in several years, Marvin’s legendary stage fright resurfaces during rehearsals, causing NBA officials to worry as to whether the singer will be able to pull it together. However, all concerns are quickly forgotten when Gaye strides confidently out to center court, impeccably dressed and wearing dark shades. Marvins’ effortlessly soulful and smooth performance draws enthusiastic hollers and screams from the crowd throughout, ending in thunderous applause throughout the arena. The performance goes down in history as one of the most memorable and beloved renditions of the National Anthem by any artist. Following the game, the footage of Gaye’s performance is rebroadcast on major news outlets, and later becomes the first video shown on the newly launched music video channel VH-1 on January 1, 1985. The video is included in the “Motown On Showtime” program  on the late singer released in 1988. The audio portion of Marvin Gaye’s “Star Spangled Banner” is released on the CD box set “Marvin Gaye - The Master (1961 - 1984)” in 1995.


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