80s pop art

I'm tired of my dash being only political issues and gay porn.

Pease like this if you post any of the following:

Florence + the Machine
Marina and the Diamonds
Kali Uchis
Studio Ghibli
Cardcaptor Sakura
Rupaul’s Drag Race
The Addams Family
Alice in Wonderland
The Wizard of Oz
Grimm’s fairytales
Steven Universe
Stephen king
Les contes de la rue Broca
80s music
80s aesthetic
Pop surreal art
Acrylic art
Watercolor art
Sketchbook art
Concept art
Leilani Joy

I’ll check your blog out and hopefully follow new people who have the same interests as me. ✌🏼

bubbling-tar-pit said:
“…there’s a thought that’s been burning away at the back of my head and that’s ‘What would these characters look like in a more modern time?’ Such as the 80s when everything was big, wild hair.”

I haven’t drawn all of the characters in more modern regalia (yet), but here’s a Zib and Mitzi à la 80s pop art - part of a thing I made for Patreon supporters a while back.