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The Anime Nostalgia Podcast - ep 42

Heather is back! And this time we teamed up to bring you our report on all the cool vintage anime-related panels we went to at AnimeFest 2016–which were surprisingly a lot! Hear us talk about seeing the iconic seiyuu for Lum & Ataru, getting to watch Akemi Takada paint in person, and how Heather is definitely not responsible for anyone’s sanity if they watch Shoujo Tsubaki.

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What’s the matter, my dear, don’t you like your toys?

This spectacular cosplay of Agnes, The Junk Lady from Labyrinth, is the latest awesome creation of Jen Yates of Epbot (previously featured here) and her husband John. They recently debuted Agnes at Megacon, taking turns wearing the costume around the convention, and won Best In Show at the MegaCon costume contest

Visit Epbot to get a good look at all the details Jen and John painstakingly packed into this costume. The even incorporated the he little blue “Ello!” worm riding on the back of Agnes’ junk pile:

But photos alone don’t do justice to this amazing cosplay. To fully appreciate it you must witness Agnes in motion:

And boy, how she Dance Magic-dances:

A video posted by Jen Yates (@epbot) on May 28, 2016 at 8:39pm PDT

Visit Epbot to read all about how Jen and John created this outstanding costume as well as their experience at Megacon.

Top photos by @Dwayne1977, all the rest by Epbot.

[via Fashionably Geek]

let’s pretend we’re in a john hughes movie || a jancy playlist

01. if you were here - thompson twins, 02. true - spandau ballet, 03. love will tear us apart - joy division, 04. we’re not just friends - parks, squares and alleys, 05. just like honey - the jesus and mary chain, 06. teenage blue - dreamgirl, 07. emma - the sisters of mercy, 08. temptation - new order, 09. fright night (nevermore) - ariel pink’s haunted graffiti, 10. please, please, please let me get what i want - the smiths. 


{download} (i recommend you download, since 8tracks is extremely unreliable [read, a total bitch] when it comes to playing songs on youtube)