80s nostalgia


Graffiti artist Lady Pink photographed by Lisa Kahane wearing a Jenny Holzer T-shirt,1983.

“The ‘Truisms’ (1977- 79) were perhaps an overly ambitious attempt to make an outline of everything that I wanted to do. I’m not sure I knew that at the time I wrote them, but that’s what I’ve come to recognize. I wanted to have almost every subject represented, almost every possible point of view, and then I had to sort out what those sentences should appear on.” - Jenny Holzer

Inktober Day 28- A perfect addition to my monster theme, fan art of Netflix and the Duffer Brothers’ Stranger Things!! Here’s the mysterious 11 vs. the terrifying alien creature that the kids refer to as the “demigorgon!” If you haven’t seen Stranger Things go and do so now! Season two is coming…..!