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Born on this day: February 26, 1932 - Country music icon Johnny Cash (born J.R. Cash in Kingsland, AR). Happy Birthday to “The Man In Black” on what would have been his 85th Birthday.

ID #30101

Name: Alexandra
Age: 19
Country: Canada

Hello (possible) friends! I’m a bisexual Mexican-American girl living in Canada. I like video games, history, art and music! I play on my ps4 most of the time but I try to create some form of art every now and then to ease my mind a bit! I enjoy baking, sewing, drawing and painting! I’m not so handy with digital art yet! My music taste has changed over the past few years and right now I’m into: Vaporwave (only a little though) and Oldies! (I listen specifically the 50’s-80’s!) I enjoy anime (YOI!, Sekirei, DMMD, Black Butler, MP100 to name some of the ones Ive seen) and shows like steven universe and we bare bears! I also love love love Marvel! Especially Deadpool and Spiderman! I love writing letters! I’m very friendly, and open to talk to anyone about anything! I’m an incredibly loyal friend! I have a hard time making friends in person due to anxiety and not being in school at the moment. I hope we can become great friend

Preferences: 17+ please! (no trump supporters) LGBT+ friendly