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18, familial/platonic, dealing with an idiot family member.

Characters: Mabel and Dipper Pines
18.“I wish I could stop loving you”
Word Count: 342

You didn’t say which fandom or characters are anything so…going with Gravity Falls for obvious reasons. And focusing on Dipper and Mabel cause I love them and don’t do enough with them. Only like highschool age here. Went a little longer than usual *shrugs*

Mabel marched into his brother’s room determined to get answers. Actual answers. She was tired of beating around the bush. Waddles followed closely behind. Mabel thought the pig would make a good backup.

“Mason Dipper Pines!” She yelled as Dipper jumped almost dropping the box that was in his hands. He quickly placed it on his bed before anything else almost happened to it.

“Mabel! Don’t just barge in yelling! Today is my fix up day and you know it!”

“You got some explaining to do, Pines!”

“Hold your horses woman! I don’t even know what I did this time.” Dipper sat at his chair trying to remember what else he did today when his eyes went wide. “Oh…”

“Yeah, ‘oh’ now tell me why I am missing some of my projects and a pile of…some kind of lumps are in its place.”

Dipper shrugged with an awkward grin on his face. “There was…a backfire?”

“I wish I could stop loving you…”

“Then who else is going to sneak you your ‘special’ ingredients?”

“You and I both know, I do that more for you then you do for me.” Mabel pointed out trying to keep the glare up but it was faltering.

“It’s not my fault that our parents don’t know about all these chemicals!” Dipper gestured toward his desk covered in vials and beakers. “One look at the warnings…have they even looked at the warnings on your art supplies? It’s almost the same.”

“Ah, but mine didn’t blow up the microwave.” She smirked at her twin. She couldn’t stay mad when the thought of blackmail came up.

“You can’t prove anything.”

“Nah, mom and dad can’t prove anything, but I have my ways.”

Dipper groaned halfheartedly and went back to organizing some of his supplies. “That thing was old, like from the 80s! Ugh why did we even still have it? It barely cooked anything.”

“And you just end up burning the hot pockets, Dippy-Dot.” Her face scrunched up in disgust. “What is with you and burnt food?”

“Not my fault.”

gf characters as music genres
  • mabel pines: 80s pop hits
  • dipper pines: modern indie
  • stanley pines: 60s classic rock
  • stanford pines: neo-industrial electronic
  • soos ramirez: vidya game/anime ost
  • wendy corduroy: 90s grunge
  • robbie valentino: emo 2007 bands #1 fan

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Hey there! I love rf, and I have some questions I want to ask! 1) what kind of music would they listen to? I can see both of them liking pop, but what about other genres? 2) do you know their sexualities in rf? 3) who would have a bigger love of halloween? Mabel loves it a lot, but then there's also the fact that gf is obsessed with it 4) what about the llamby dance 5) would the trip in ra be routine for dipper, a new thing, something he can finally be a part of, or something else? Thanks :)

1. ooh shoot im not sure.. dip’s obviously a huge fan of BABBA and other girly pop but i can also see him listening to like, ludo, voltaire, johnathan coulton, people who write silly songs about monsters. mabel loves 80s hits and kpop

2. mabel is pan, dipper is ace and doesnt have a great read on his romantic orientation yet, pacifica is gay and ace, grenda is straight, candy keeps changing her mind, wendy is aro/ace

3. they both love halloween, mabel because she gets to dress up in silly costumes and dipper because he gets to run around town and cause mischief with wendy. but i’d say mabel probably loves it more in its own right

4. the lamby dance, in its original form, does not exist, as dipper did not grow up in the same household

5. im pretty sure its said in canon that this is the first time stan has gone on his own sabotage quest, usually the other tourist trap owners just prank him and not the other way around. the routine for dipper would be helping to clean it up

Ever since goth Mabel was drawn by Dana and Alex all I imagine now (every time I hear a guitar solo in a song) is Stan being able to play the guitar, and would occasionally teach Mabel how to play and eventually she gets her own rock guitar (covered in a bunch of stickers that she has ofc — her own little touches) during her goth phase and plays some solos of her favorite 80s songs

So we all know Mabel loves 80s music and stuff. And we all know Ford was sucked into the portal in the early 80s (1982). He obviously missed out on most of the 80s stuff (as well as everything else after, I know). But just imagine Mabel just giving him a big lecture over what happened after (the portal incident) in the 80s—more specifically all the 80s songs and artists she loves. Just imagine it.

And then Ford shares his personal favorites from the 70s, and Mabel is now obsessed with 70s music too.

shooting star: a mabel pines mix

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