80s lace


Perfect Pink by Vuffy VonHoof 


STYLE: lots of lace, see-through fabric and curves. I loved it. The cleavage is awesome and the V-shaped waist line is, unusual, but very sexy. The robe is forgettable. 10!

COLOUR: very striking. I’m not sure it goes well with her skin tone. She looks a bit tanned and I’d choose a lighter tone for her, but works for most women. 9!

CHOSEN MODEL: I wish I knew her name. She is gorgeous, has a flawless body, the big 80s hairstyle, naughty and nice blend on her facial expression and all. But if I were the photographer I’d shoot full front pictures, as this teddy flatters the waist. 9!

MATCHING SHOES: I’d go for white or black pumps. Not pink.