80s klaine

80s horror au where Mercedes and Blaine are roomates/career buddies that run into Kurt Hummel on a night out in the club, but they soon find out he’s really a ghoul from the under world that wants to eat cute boys for dinner.

Lucky for Kurt, Blaine actually has a fantasy of being slowly eaten alive by handsome men(its kinda erotic for him)! Not lucky for Mercedes because they have an exam to study for soon, and she totally doesn’t have the time to clean up blaine’s guts! uGH!


Stylin’ Saturday~!!

Blaine and his vampire boyfriend, Kurt discuss the end times as the year 2000 gets closer and closer!

And with that, Totally Dope 90s Klaine Week comes to a close ; H ; OH WHAT A FUN WEEK THIS WAS! i learned A LOT about my art and took many challenges! i don’t think i’ve ever challenged myself like this in such a short amount of time LOL , not even for 80s!klaine week!

I sure hope you all had fun! i really loved creating this event, it’s the most fun thing about being in fandoms, making stuff like this! ^0^ 

also feel free to still draw some 90s!klaine things, the fun never stops!