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I just happily received what looks to be a “fanclub” reissue of the obscenely awesome (and frustratingly rare) Solo Para Punks compilation LP in the mail today. This comp was originally issued in Mexico in 1987 and features a bunch of ridiculously awesome tracks by some of the rawest and catchiest Mexican punk bands of the time: Sindrome, Rebel’d Punk (here listed as Rebellll) Desorden Publico, & Descontrol.

Things would take a decidedly more HC/thrash turn in the Mexican DIY scene in the next few years, with bands like Masacre 68, Atoxxxico, Xenofobia, & Sedicion all releasing records (all of these bands are awesome, btdubz, with my fave of the bunch being Xenofobia), but Solo Para Punks is still pretty P-U-N-K. (Altho to be clear, it’s not nearly Ramones-y enough as to be thought of alongside Los Violodores or Leuzemia; think instead Lixomania or the RIP/Eskorbuto split LP but usually even rawer and often gruffer).

This record is a stone classic; I’ve never seen an original copy but would gladly take one if any of you tumblr buddies are offering. Here’s a Rebel’d Punk track for you n00bs to whet your appetites. Mexican punk rules, OK!

Fact #200 and #201

If Rey was a student at a University, she would major in mechanical engineering.

If Finn was a student at a University, he would double major in economics and finance.

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(pelleas doesn’t have much art to choose from; see icon)

Name: Pelleas
Age: 19 years
Gender: male, him/his
Nationality: Daein…ite?
Birthplace: probably Nevassa, but he doesn’t really know; wound up in an orphanage in Nevassa
Birthday: lost; Water-type affinity though, which corresponds to Ice in the GBA horoscope, so probably February
Sun Sign: definitely a Pisces
Residence: An apartment in Nevassa
Martial Status: totally 100% single
Alignment: Neutral Good


Drink: light, sweet things; fruity teas, almost always heavily sweetened with honey; would probably enjoy mead or rose wines if he wasn’t kind of scared of alcohol
Food: not picky at all; likes and will eat just about anything, especially things just absolutely drenched in sauces and gravies; enjoys thick noodles as well (similar to udon)
Day or Night: day
Bonbon: never really got candy while he was growing up, so nowadays he has a habit of overindulging when given the opportunity
Song: Pelleas’ entire vibe is just… really melodramatic and gay 80s music; the Smiths in particular or Depeche Mode
Quote: probably something Micaiah has said and he thought it was just wonderful; definitely records quotes from her to remember later
Historical Character: none, really
Pet: none, though he’s heard that keeping a small animal might make living alone a little easier
Book: he reads more now than he ever has in his life, mostly books on politics and diplomacy, but in his free time, he’ll read foreign fairytales and poetry collections
Colour: royal blue
Flower: daisies; so simple and fragile
Sexuality: in that phase where he’d probably be experimenting if he wasn’t so damn awkward; has no fucking clue


Body type: lanky, but very soft
Eye colour: dark blue
Hair colour: also blue
Body reference: - -
Beauty Scale: self-esteem so low he’d probably give himself a 3/10; he’s a cute boy though, certainly looks like a noble

80s HS Liontrust hc

so basically my mom used to do macrame in the 80s and she just taught me so yeah, have a highschool headcanon.

Khadgar is literary course student who smokes pot with his biker friends Garona, Durotan and Draka (power couple ftw), and always *somehow* gets good grades (no one knows how).

Lothar is a grade A student who comes from a rich family and is expected to go into law so he dresses sharp and doesn’t hang out with scum like biker gangs and pot smokers.

So Khad and co are doing macrame in the hallway (true story cause my mom used to do this minus the drugs), back to the floor, legs against the wall and the strings stuck to the wall and Lothar really needs to go through cause he’s got a test and he’s in science course so just, move

Lothar’s pretty well known for being son of rich family and grade A student who gets all the awards and brings “honor to the school.” So Khadgar launches in a Speech™ about power inequalities and rich people and respect and whatnot and he’s a pretty smart kid while Lothar thought he was just a stoner

Ends up asking him out for coffee.
Khadgar refuses.
Lothar courts him for a while until he finally gives up but he has to “buy him all his meals cause he’s got the most money out the two of them” because Khadgar is p o o r

just i wanted to imagine khadgar in this

Killer Instinct "Killer Instinct"
the Big apple RoTTen to the core comp.
Killer Instinct "Killer Instinct"

I just noticed that rebelrebelbatcat posted “Abaddon” by Polish HC greats ABADDON to prove an important point: songs named after the bands that play them (“theme songs”, let’s call them) are usually–if not always–great. I have to say, rebel: I agree!

I have an addition to this discussion (other than “Pentagram” by the mighty PENTAGRAM, of course): “Killer Instinct” by (duh) KILLER INSTINCT, a largely forgotten early ‘80s NYHC band whose entire recorded oeuvre includes just two songs on the classic The Big Apple: Rotten to the Core comp LP on S.I.N. records. The song “Killer Instinct” is by far the better of these two comp tracks, and is a mixtape staple here at Chez Shutdown; unless there are long lost demo tracks collecting dust in one of the band members’ attics (which would probably be on Long Island…or at the cemetery), this theme song is easily their greatest contribution to the world of HC/punk. I scoured the bins and junk sales of NYC for many years to track this LP down, just on the power of this one track (Ism, the Mob, and Butch Lust and the Hypocrites be damned!). 

I mean, just listen to this song. This lady’s vocals are some of the most ferocious imaginable, especially for 1981/82. I love this early era of NYHC; the tough guy pretentions of later eras of the New York scene are nowhere to be found on this song, just vicious NY thrash.   



you know who you are


Note to self: Never think you are done finding out about sick old hardcore bands, because Bidi will email you and school the shit out of you with some ridiculously raw and fucking amazing Japanese hardcore you don’t know the first thing about about. 

(This band is called SODOM.)


Tales of Terror - S/T [Full Album]

Sacramento Skate Punk from 1984

Watch on shutdowninthedepthsilay-blo-blog.tumblr.com

I read something in a zine that I like a lot written by a teenaged punk kid in which Raw Power is basically called uninteresting/soulless/posers by the editor, who goes on to say that CCM was way better. Kids these days, amirite? Raw Power is probably the best band ever, OK! 

Here is a rager from their BCT Tapes released 1983 demo, featuring a guitar tone that could make a grown woman cry.


NOG WATT, b-side of FEAR EP (1985)