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The Killer B’s • Group B Rally

Footage of Walter Röhrl in his Audi Quattro S1 during the Group B Era, which many people see as the golden age of rallying. It started in 1982, but was disestablished just 4 years later after a series of fatalities, including a crash in 1986, where 3 spectators were killed and 33 injured.

I love how 80′s and 90′s bhangra music (Malkit Singh, Heera Group, Awaaz Group, Aazad, Apna Sangeet, etc) was so fluid. Men had long hair, earrings, and weren’t afraid to dance around in tight pants and colorful clothing. They were so okay with singing female boliyan too and people loved them. I wonder when the shift to jatt pride/toxic masculinity in the industry took place. 

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