80s converse

i’m ready to break, you’re ready to bend

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tw: implied/referenced child abuse

Steve walked down the road quickly.  His eyes were burning, but he wasn’t sure how much of that was from the cold.  It was freezing, and he tucked his hands under his armpits before the fell off.  Winter in Indiana was always shitty, but in the evening it was even worse.

“Why the hell couldn’t you have grabbed your jacket, Harrington?” he muttered angrily at himself under his breath.

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The 80s

I wanted to write about this a long time ago, I don’t know about you but I wish I was a teenager in the 80s, everything seemed more simple in some aspects, today we care to much about how to put ourselves out in the social media, how to have the perfect instagram feed and theme, that we forget to live the real life.

We “the millennials” might be the last generation who played outside, in our backyard or in our neighborhood, the last ones who ride bicycles, the last ones who played hide and seek or the last ones who climbed trees. Sadly kids these days don’t do that, instead of that they play video games or they spend the whole day in a tablet, where’s the imagination in that? Kids these days don’t know what’s that.

We get everything so easily that where’s the fun in that? People in the 80s had to wait forever in the radio for a song they liked so they could record it, now we just type the name of the song in any platform and we download it. We have iPods or smartphones, they had cassettes. Music was way better, the lyrics were so meaningful, now we have songs about butts.

The clothes were nicer, girls didn’t had show their butt to look attractive and boys weren’t trapped in super skinny jeans. Bullying wasn’t what it is now because there was no internet how we know it now. People were more adventurous. So if I could choose, I would be in the 80s listening to Billy Idol in a walkman wearing high wasted denim jeans, a stripped shirt and the Chuck Taylor classic converse.

  • American Organized Crime: Three men sit in a warehouse smoking cigars and playing poker on crates, one is named Vito, 80% of all conversation is about pasta sauce, bada-bing
  • Japanese Organized Crime: Fiercely Organized crime family owns billion dollar skyscraper, has public offices that openly admit being organized crime, you can go there and fill out a job application to apply, you need a high school diploma and three forms of ID