80s boys

The lost boys

Does anyone else think that although micheal was scared of what the lost boys were that he would have joined them? Because he was scared, yes, but he was also really wanting of star. So I think if star was actually turned instead of being against what they were, and micheal was taught better they they were he would have joined them and potentially gotten star and laddie to join. I know no one liked star besides David and micheal…which I’m not doubting there was something between David and star but then David would use her to get to micheal…and probably did so he would join once he knew that micheal liked star. He could tell from the first moment that micheal liked star. So would micheal have joined if he was taught and star was a vampire?

Did anyone bring up the fact that it was yurio, not viktor or chris, who had saved the most pics from that night like

he kept these works of art. All 33 of them. Viktor only had 5. Chris? 3. but yurio literally had a folder w 33 pics from that night AND HE EVEN TOOK SOME FROM VIKTOR AND YUURI’S TANGO! THIS BOY MAY ACT LIKE IT WAS THE WORST THING TO EVER HAPPEN IN HIS LIFE BUT WE ALL KNOW HE ACTUALLY CHERISHED EVERY MOMENT GOD BLESS

Pretty In Pink (‘86)