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Halloween costume headcanons for the Seven (plus Nico, Reyna, and Will)?

Percy and Annabeth as Rick and Evelyn from The Mummy 

Jason gets nervous every year that his costume will be horrible so Clark Kent/Superman is usually his go to but he also goes as a pilot one year cause Piper keeps saying how she loves a man in uniform 

Piper wears wings and a shirt with a bunch of social networking app icons on it– she laughs every time she tells someone she’s a social butterfly 

Frank as an 80s b-boy who nervously declines everyone’s invitation to actually break dance (though he’s actually pretty good) 

Hazel decides to be a fairy god mother and keeps a small pouch of fairy dust to sprinkle on kids she sees throughout the night 

Leo makes a super elaborate robot costume that has all kinds of buttons and lights and stuff– he spends his whole night yelling at people to back off because one of the buttons, he can’t remember which, initiates a self destruct sequence– “I can’t remember why I thought it was a necessary feature…” 

Nico puts a sheet over his head with cut out eye holes and goes as a ghost ~ironically~

I don’t feel like Reyna is into Halloween and I don’t really know Will like that