1978-1985 Mercedes E-class wagon (S123 variant of the W123).

Standard with rear self-levelling suspension, so that no matter what the payload, the car sat normal, which helped ride and handling.

No tailgate struts to get in the way.  Very clever folding seats that allowed for a completely flat floor.

Cinching mechanism to pull the tailgate down once latched.

Mostly sold as a turbo diesel in the US, but the first ones were normally aspirated, so only 80hp.  Obviously slow either way.  Goes forever.

Played with a pretty scary ass widow last night. This guy followed up on 90% of ALL the firsr direct rockets i had. Basically id just had to hit a player once, bring them down to 80HP and boom, widow finished them off. Kinda also babysat him just incase any nerd tried to dive him. It was a dandy game ;u;

Sunguard Roll20 Update 4.4

Good morning all,

There will be a variety of changes to help with balancing, clarification, focus, and flavor!

Updates are primarily based on feedback during the open feedback period at the end of March.

Outside these updates development focuses are on the following:

  • Campaign Events
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  • Naval Combat
  • Renown Currency

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