Sunguard Roll20 Update 4.4

Good morning all,

There will be a variety of changes to help with balancing, clarification, focus, and flavor!

Updates are primarily based on feedback during the open feedback period at the end of March.

Outside these updates development focuses are on the following:

  • Campaign Events
  • Virtues and Vices
  • Naval Combat
  • Renown Currency

All changes are listed under the Read More:

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Guys she’s done! God my hand hurts and I slacked a little on the weapons, but it’s done! I’m still sorting things out the game-play aspect and her backstory, but I’ll just give you guys what I have so far.

    Sentinel is a battle-oriented support class. Because of her eye piece, she’s able to see both wounded enemies and teammates(80hp or lower). She can swap between the two by pressing a button located on the side. Similar to Spy’s watch, the eye piece runs out of charge eventually and can be recharged by picking up ammo packs.

    Her ability to see her wounded teammates help her orient herself and stick with her team. Her syringes heal 100hp over a time-span of 3 seconds and deals 100hp to enemies within the same time limit.

   Sentinel is meant to perform clean-up during team fights. She can single out low health enemies and ambush them when they’re not expecting it. Her silenced pistol makes little noise and allows her to get in and out in no time before things get hectic. She works well with Heavy, Scout, and Spy.

-Sentinel’s primary weapon is a HK MK23 which can be silenced at any time. It works like a regular pistol.

-Her secondary weapon are her syringes which come in packs of five. The first syringe is filled with “medicine,” while the other is filled with questionable fluids. Syringes can be refilled by health kits and ammo packs.

-Her melee is just a combat knife. That’s it. Stabbity-stab