Hello studyblr community♡

My name is Laura, I’m from Germany and currently 20 years old.

I study Environmental engineering at a technical university.

I really need to get enough motivation on here, so i can study for the (probably) 7 exams I have to take (AND PASS) next semester, so I really hope this works out..

It will be really stressful and I’m already worried.. I have to retake some exams I didn’t pass and also take 2 classes I’d have now anyways. I have to get 80CP by the end of 4th semester and I’m in my 3rd now and I’m really far away from that… I tried my best, but somehow it just didn’t work out well enough

At the moment I’m finding University very difficult, because the schools I went to weren’t the best, so I guess I’m not used to actually sitting down and study. I got a lot better, but I still have a long way to go and it has to happen fast..

If anyone can help me with this, I’ll be very thankful!

With this blog I really I wanna make studying more enjoyable for myself, but also post about mental health and such because that’s one thing I tend to struggle with a lot from time to time. I didn’t have it easy at all growing up and I really don’t want to let my experiences ruin my future.

Anyways other than that I’m actually a pretty happy person

I want to do better and at the moment that’s just not something that’s happening.

I may be shy at first and also not be the best at holding conversations, but I’d love to make friends so please say hi! I hope we can be friends :)