GOOD gOD Series: The Crazy Ones - Kanye West. A project inspired by Kanye West’ Yeezus Album

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Shoutout to my brutha from anotha mutha making moves out in L.A. dawg. His latest project the G.O.O.D GOD Series Tees. You put in work bro job well done. 💯👌 #HardWork #TheCrazyOnes #808sOrigins #whlgns #MakingHistory

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It is with great pleasure that I present to you a project that I have been working on called GOOD gOD series. Heavily influenced by @Kanyewest’ song “I am a god”, YEEZUS tour, GOOD Music logo, and Apple’s “Here’s to the Crazy Ones” commercial, the project/collection pays tribute to some pioneers, and influencers who have changed the world in a positive light and/or sparked the minds of those who will change the world. I also wanted to use it as an opportunity to inspire, and educate others, especially on people’s misconception of “God” and “god(s)”. I wanna say thank you to @val_fruition, @sammyjofruition, @fruitionlv, @jonawtry, @arlainio, @worldfamous_p, @shvnnonrhee, @dillon_liang, @rtezaguic, @kojackz, @ampmtm, @tylradams, @tonywhlgn, @nissannaj, @ogxrebel, @bre_photography90, @imstreety, @_leerose, @dakrakye1, @_chaleitskway_, @devynlvxwa, @mike_fruition, @irenesaav, @kar_lohs, @el_marv, @therealzhour, @noddyliterati, @_modernfit, @truxart, @macmurry, @justvitto, and @gaingreeeen for the feedback and support. And a big thank you goes to @ivanjaddou for challenging me to turn the project into something bigger than my initial plans.

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My Dad: I pictured the god logo differently while taking a shower.
Me: Thanks but it defeats the concept of the whole project.
My Dad: Let me draft it then mock it up when I’m done. I just wanna see it.

BAM! Definitely going on a shirt. I also wanna thank the gods who purchased shirts yesterday. God bless you all!