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Countries, Cultures and

The following is a conversation I had with a middle-schooler and her mom.

Mom: “So my daughter needs a multicultural book for her school project.”

Me: “Okay, what culture?”

Mom: “Multi-cultural.”

Me: “Hmm. Okay…” [turns to middle schooler] “Name a country you would like to visit.”

Daughter: “Hawaii!”

Me: “Well, that’s a state in the USA which is a country. Name a country other than the USA you want to visit.”

Daughter: “EUROPE!”

Me: “Europe is a continent which is a group of countries. How about Germany…or Spain…or Ita-”

Daughter: “ITALY!”

Me: “Great! I’ll look up some books on Italy for you.”

She walked away and never came back to check out any books.