I thought unrequited love would feel a lot worse than this. Don’t get me wrong, it still feels awful. Everyday, I have some amount of moments in which I wish that you could smile one of your softest smiles just for me. If only my love for you were that soft. If only my mind wasn’t hammered with thought after thought of you, a storm I can’t ever find shelter from. I know it sounds bad, but in reality, you only cause this one storm and stop every other. It’s hard to be upset when the living embodiment of sunshine is always with you in one way or another. And I guess that’s why even though you don’t feel the same, it doesn’t make me want to drift away from you, even if my heart just cracks further.  Of course, there can’t be two Suns, so I’ll be your sky. I’ll support you, even if it means having to help you in your own quest for love. Why would I do something like this? Well, I don’t really know myself. I guess if I had to give a reason, it’d be this: you make me want to be better, and I want to do the same for you. So if you won’t love me back, at least let me do this much. Let me love you from afar, but keep you close.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Request: Falling in love with your bestfriend, knowing they don’t feel the same. She’s the sweetest, nicest person i’ve ever met just filled with sunshine and soft smiles. i can’t help but love her more everytime i see her, even knowing she won’t ever feel the same. i’ll support her no matter what, whether that means helping her in her own love life. she’s the sun and i can be the sky. i’ll never be as brave as i once was, but she makes me wanna try.
I always thought my world would end with a clap of thunder or the bang of a gun,
But it ended in a whisper,
And please don’t show up at my door,
Because you know I’m too weak - I’ll gush “I love you too” and welcome you like a soldier home from war,
I want to pretend I’m strong and that I’ve prepared for the apocalypse of my heart,
But I know I’m weak and I’ll always come when you call,
Because my heart still beats to the sound of your name in the silence around me; and part of me still hopes yours beats for me too
I waited for days to hear back from you, then I realised I was never going to hear back from you. You made up your mind and in the end your promises meant nothing because that day you left me behind.
—  t.i // Repost from something I wrote a while ago.
Stop checking your phone because he won’t reply,
stop thinking about him because everything he said was a lie.
But every time you sit and think,
You think about him, and your heart just sinks.
But maybe, he might want your time,
but that doesn’t mean you’re on his mind
It doesn’t mean he’ll want you to be last find.
Yet you still sit and hope,
that maybe one day he’ll say to you,
“Be mine.”
—  The voices in my head // a.a.
Gentle whispers guide my thoughts
While my mind hikes through hell
Free climbing it’s problems
With earth & rock to grab along the way
I have no rope to lead me
If I fall
Forever I will stay
Pressed face down against wet moss
Leaves suffocating my face
So before I climb this mountain
Make damn sure
Forever’s far away
I’ve packed a lonesome travel kit
Filled with voluntary aches
It has insomnia to sleep in
& guilt to guide the way
Affairs that I can feed on
Those fill me everyday
My first aid kit is poisonous
To confuse me through the pain
This mountain of destruction
I’m climbing it today
—  Whispers with Andy I.