808 state

People who are telling me that I need to get over the idea that Jennifer Lawrence scratched her butt on a rock in Hawaii, my birth place, need to realize that you guys need to get over yourselves.
I’m not targeting one particular person because I am biased towards her. I am upset about the unprofessional action she did, after she was told not to touch them. Then she had the audacity to laugh about it on national tv. Even Chris Pratt, the man sitting next to her on the show who also lived in the islands for some time, was uncomfortable about it.
You may not believe in our superstitions or traditions, but we ask that you respect our land and in return we will respect you. However, because of her actions I have lost all respect for her and I do not see her as a professional anymore. She deliberately disrespected Hawaiian tradition and many of you will think “get over it,” but if I disrespect your household or your personal space you would be upset too, correct? Same idea. If you come into Hawaii, we will welcome you to our home, our land. If you disrespect our home, we will disrespect you.
Family and respect is big in Hawaii, so don’t tell me to get over something when you have no idea what it’s like to live in someone else’s shoes.


808 State - Pacific State (Origin) (1989)