808 kick

do you even kick bro? some kick insight.

alright… sorry, in response to a twitter Q:   @deadmau5 I’m so confused. Phase reset on the osc..

welll…. most modern day EDM “Producers”  are more inclined to use samples of 808′s and kicks for a reason really…. because with a sample… every kick that gets triggered starts playing back thhe EXACT same sample, at the exact same point in the sample…. which is great. i guess? for a consistent sound upon retriggering the kick….  

however, there are drawbacks to doing this…. pitch.  Since everyones all trying to get arsty fartsy with their leet 808 samples, as you play it in a higher pitch, the sample changes its playback speed… so youre left wiill all sorts of goofy shit… like envelope time compression / decompression… and transients start to lose or gain “fatness” or whatever bro…    SO!  your best bet, for repitching dat 808 and playing it like a mo-fuckin stratovatis or whatever, is to use an osc,  any synth will do really…. juuuust as long as the note trigger will also reset the phase of the oscillator…. most good synths have this option, serum for example…. dial the phase / random phase knobs all the way to left… and voila. consistent 0 crossing attacks erry time the thing goes off….. as for “adding a transient bro or layering to make it fatter bro”  just find a generic ass kick sample…. highpass it a decent amount, and decay the env really tight.  and layer that, however, the transient.. should always remain in the same key everytime the event is triggered…. then that way, your sub is all over doin this n that and youll have a nice short lil transient to accompany it so the trigger sounds consistent.

another note, if your going to compress the fuck out of it, which youre probably going to anyway…. after youre done find something remotely close to what you want…. print the audio to a new channel…. then you can pick out any goofy transient / or “dud” kicks and just move around better takes…. for whatwever reason, most, if not all VST compressors (with the possible exception of LFO tool) use FFT…. or emulate some kind of optical / RMS attack…. so “printing” kicks is a lot better for the sake of consistency, rather than just putting a compressor on it and leaving it there while you master.