808 kick

Straight Outta Bedroom

So I’ve had this blog for a year and a half now – yay! I’ve primarily focused on music production methods and tips. If you’re into that, making music, then here are a few (not all) old posts that could interest you. Now, did you ever wonder… 

You’re welcome.

Swedish producer and multi-instrumentalist STRØM truly “mesmerized” us with his first single half a year ago. Mesmerize went on to lock in a number one on Hype Machine after impressing tastemakers all around. The single even went on to soundtrack a BMW commercial. He’s back to show us the song was no one-off anomaly with his long awaited second single, Shay-Ling, a bass warbling, guitar curling slice of dark moody, sultry broiling electropop and funk. With an ominous and suspenseful atmosphere, Shay-Ling entices our ears and threads its way into our hearts. STRØM‘s buttery falsettos seduce with a feathery light touch, but the imprint they leave behind marks us as fans for life. There’s no escaping the draw of this slick futuristic pop piece when you combine that with  Shay-Ling’s vivacious 808 kicks and its Jai Paul like opulent groove. Re-visit Mesmerize on Soundcloud, here.

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