FM TOWNS: Rivals of early Mac 6 / マッキントッシュのライバルたち 6: FM TOWNS

In 1989, Fujitsu released FM TOWNS. Instead of MC68000, which has been preferred by many hobbyists, it was built with Intel’s 80386SX. Though it was not 68000, TOWNS was shipped with its original DOS extender named TownsOS so that it can run on pure 32-bit mode.

TOWNS was remarkable PC because it came with CD-ROM drive. It supported 256 color pallets at 768x512 resolution, 32,768 colors at 512x512 resolution. It also came with Yamaha’s OPN2 supporting 4-operator 6-voice FM synthesizer and 8-ch PCM audio.

Hobbyists’ choice in its age seemed to be X68000, not FM TOWNS, however, TOWNS lasted until its final model of 1997.

1989年,富士通は FM TOWNS をリリースする.ホビイストに人気のあったMC68000ではなくインテルの80386SXを採用したが,TownsOSという独自のDOSエクステンダを搭載することで初めから32ビットで動作していた.