SUPERBOWL spread 🏈🌮 / Loaded nachos, hickory smoked BBQ wings + ranch (recipe by @plantphilosophy) + Mexican Stuffed Sweet Potato Skins 😛 even though I’m not the biggest fan of football I love any excuse to whip up a vegan feast! #superbowl50 #vegan #eattolive


Finalllllllly getting back into the regular what I eat videos my dears ! 😘 Hahaha. Everything that I ate today, raw till 4, high carb, low fat, always vegan - and of course always delicious - 4000 plus calories. We also be talking about “intuitive eating”, caloric minimums and eating disorder recovery ! ☺️So. Anyway. I hope you enjoy ! And that your day is awesome. I love you ! 😚❤︎


Raspberry Vanilla Swirl #nicecream ✔️// raspberry nicecream: 3-4 frozen ripe (when spotty) bananas + 1c frozen fresh organic (best tasting) raspberries + vanilla + splash of sweetner of choice (chopped dates or maple syrup). // vanilla nicecream: 3-4 frozen ripe bananas + vanilla + cinnamon. Toppings: frozen mango (fresh is best!) + raspberries + coconut chips 🌙💗🍌 #801010 #vegan #rawtill4

#tb to this juicy and refreshing fruit platter🍇🍓 Fruits are already so expensive I want summer back 😩 To be honest, I don’t think I will be able to survive another canadian winter… Might have to visit Australia or Hawaii 😏