8000 notes

What I really love is how Tsuyu has surpassed the bnha fandom and like,, everyone knows and loves her. I have seen so many supportive posts that are like “I hope the frog girl from that one anime is having a good day” I really love that. It is so pure and good. Tsuyu truly deserves this.


01 / 07 / 17 • Two more days left of winter break and I have barely finished anything early like planned because we’re so busy with packing for the move. Finished this spread though! New year resolutions. May 2017 be good to us. 🌼🌿


Recreate Broadway posters using only clipart and comic sans

Edit: part 2 here http://0ceanicairlines.tumblr.com/post/87069926550/recreate-broadway-posters-with-comic-sans-and

You know, with Fantastic Beasts (and The Cursed Child), this will be the first time in our lives we have ever gone into a Harry Potter movie without knowing anything about what we are about to watch. And that is in equal measures exciting and terrifying.


A couple of things!
First: I changed my Twitch username to TheGalagaShip
Second: I’m doing qualifiers for Girlpocalypse 2018, which is a high-level all-female dance game tournament.
I recently did this song that I NEVER thought I could do. It’s 15 minutes long and one continuous stream of notes - over 8000 steps total. I was super surprised that I got through it!!
You can watch the video here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/205725688
The audio gets muted a few minutes in, but comes back at the end when I start screaming lol.
I’m going to attempt an hour long song soon so subscribe to my twitch to watch me suffer!!

Expect more boycott-campaigns to start, sadly

After TIFF and this JW facepalm, twitter has exploded with people against Call Me By Your Name, heartbreaking as it is - a large part in the community who have jumped on the hate train. As we’ve said before numerous times and been attacked for: people have a right to voice their concerns and feelings on being uncomfortable with the age gap, but it is the mob mentality of choosing a side and going 110% in with the intent of seeing something destroyed and attacking people, that is not fine. It wasn’t enough that homophobes and right-wingers would fight for CMBYN’s demise, many in the community (and without knowing much about it) want to see it burned to the ground - and for VARIOUS reasons. Another thing is that the hate increased when a post got popular stating “it’s what the gays deserve” with four films shown with their rt score, CMBYN was included, and this set a lot of people off in the community. I guess many of those had already seen the widely spread posts on tumblr which was in fact lies, like the one with Barry Jenkins (it has 8000+ notes on here - a post which is a lie). This will only continue trough the fall season and when the awards season begin this will become an ugly, maybe even unsafe place. Whatever posts pop up and no matter how many they’ll be - do not feel bad for being excited about this story. It is amazing and many people have being touched by it and will continue to be. Haters have already decided they want to see it fall, nothing but their own minds can help them change that, we can only hope they won’t lunge too many campaigns with false accusations in the process of their hate.