Mountains of Patagonia barely illuminated as the sun starts rising in the morning

When searching for fall colors, don’t forget to look down! This crimson Virginia Creeper lends red hues to a stone wall at Buck Hollow Overlook in Shenandoah National Park. An autumn hike to enjoy changing colors and crisp air is sure to be a soothing tonic any day of the week. Photo by N. Lewis, National Park Service.

One month ago today, on September 23, a photographer named Barry Durand died.  He wasn’t famous, although he was tremendously talented.  And his death was not a shock, though it was a loss to everyone who knew him.  He was 76, and had been sick.

Barry was a friend of mine.  I am sad that he is gone, but glad to have known him.  Thinking of him makes me want to go on adventures, be less cautious, have more fun.  This cabin reminds me of Barry because he took at least one photo from that same spot, every year he lived in Colorado.  We joked about the years being interchangeable, but of course they’re not, for any of us. 

Barry made every year count.  Go look at his photos, and read his amazing obituary (circumnavigating the globe! loving opera! being shipwrecked!).  I’m willing to bet it will make you want to have an adventure, too.  That was Barry’s gift, and I can’t think of a way he’d rather be remembered.