feedback culture has rly died on here for content creators tbh

Gradually, it’s been declining, but i feel that right around the 1st few months of this year is when it rly took a huge plunge

Not only have i noticed this w my own art and stuff, but a lot of friends who create stuff have noted similar things. even popular artists and writers who used to get 5k+ notes per post are only getting a couple hundred. I used to get abt 800 per post and now im lucky if i break 50. 90% likes to 10% rbs.

Ppl say u shouldnt create just for the attention but damn spending HOURS on smth and getting little to no feedback when u used to get a decent amount is shit


template 001 - instagram

hi guys! this is my first ever template! it consists of two .psd files, titled PROFILE and POST (take a guess to which one is which). it includes:

- the two .psd files i just mentioned

- uses the font segoe ui (not included)

- completely editable text (except for the ‘add a comment…’ in the POST file)

- 800 x 609 image size

- edit profile, follow, and following buttons (along with video and multiple picture icons) for the profile

- follow and following buttons (there is no button if it’s your account) along with an option to like the photo, a play video button, and a picture dot thing at the bottom for multiple picture posts (it only comes with three, but it certainly wouldn’t be hard to add another one if you wanted to) for the post

- my eternal love and appreciation for using my template


- like or reblog this post (please! just to get the word out)

- do NOT redistribute this or edit it and claim it as your own

- credit is not necessary (but tag me in whatever you make with it! i track #pdmapatil)

- download 

  • My child: mommy why is my cousin called diamond
  • Me: bc your aunt loves diamonds
  • My child: what about me?
  • Me: be quiet April 25, 2017

[!] The file names for the thirteen photos Seventeen posted for their 800 days anniversary post (on fancafe) all together spell out: “To our Carats, whom we love - For 800 days, thank you so much for looking at the same place as us, for walking together with us, and for being with us. From now on, let’s keep believing in each other and move forward together forever”.

(cr: HOSHI_hari)

Someone explain to me WHY on mobile I now have to go to a different screen to tag so I can’t see the post for reference and/or spelling checks AND there’s no differentiating tags I’ve used before from suggested tags because I LIKE BEING CONSISTENT IF I’VE USED A TAG BEFORE BUT I DON’T HAVE THE TAGS FROM ALL 800+ POSTS MEMORIZED


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How would the UT and US skelebros + UF Papyrus react to their s/o kicking down the door on Halloween loudly singing, "This Is Halloween"?

(Post number 800 on this blog whoooo)

UT Sans: Holy shit, he can’t believe it. He was just enjoying melting over the couch like a puddle of bone and fabric, sleepy and content, just to be startled awake by the door being literally kicked in.

Literally. It’s on the other side of the room now. And you are in the middle of the room, singing at the top of your lungs since you stepped inside. He is laughing tears, god he loves you so much.

UT Papyrus: He is humming quietly to himself, cooking up something tasty for his friends and family, marinated noodles with strawberries, less terrifying sounding than some of his past recipes, as he hears loud footsteps outside. 

He has barely time to turn around as the door get’s kicked in, you slide in like Tom Cruise in “Risky Business”, pantsless, with a candle holder. Then you sing. But not the song from the movie, no, you sing that Halloween song. The one Sans keeps playing on his phone at random intervals, sometimes in the middle of the night. 

And now you got sucked in in this nightmare, torturing Papyrus with terrible music. He…He can’t. He just lies down on the floor. He is done.

US Sans: Sans was enjoying this new video game Papyrus brought him from a trip to the dump not long ago. Usually, he wasn’t somebody to sit down and play video games, but standing and moving while playing a video game, that was something he did enjoy.

He was shaking the controllers in all directions, dancing to the music, the song ending, the next starting. He sees the name, freezing in terror. The music starts. Footsteps are heard outside. It is too late. You have been summoned.

You break through the door, leaving a hole in the wood, somersaulting after landing on the floor, kneeling in front of Sans, arms outstretched, and began to sing at the top of your lungs. Sans quietly turns of the game and sits on the couch, head in his hands, defeated. Nobody can stop you now.

US Papyrus: Ahhh, the fresh, crisp air of Halloween. Papyrus was walking through the streets, wearing a half-assed attempt, of the most half-assed costume. It’s already dark, streetlights are illuminating the night, most have already gone home. But then he sees it, somebody dressed in a pinstripe suit, white face paint. A skull. Oh. Oh no.

You sprint towards Papyrus, grabbing his arm the moment you can reach it, spinning him on the spot, like a pirouette, as you stop behind him. He shakes his head, dizzy from the spin, turning around to you, eyes wide. You sing with a booming voice, Papyrus groaning an laughing, trying to get away, but you follow him, still singing. Running through the streets.

He isn’t very fast, having barely ever run in his life, and you catch him after only a few steps, picking him up with the strength only somebody chanting the song of Halloween would possess, carrying him into the night, only leaving the echo of your ghostly music behind.

The echo and a lot of perplexed and terrified passerby.

UF Papyrus: He looks around, satisfied at having cleaned the entire house perfectly. Everything was clean but still comfy looking, everything was where it was supposed to be, even those things that get lost easily, like the TV remote.

He doesn’t even flinch as the door flies past him, splinters raining down on the just vacuumed floor. He doesn’t even look in your direction as you burst in, singing at the top of your lungs. You wrap around him like a vine, leaning back while still holding him with your hands, still your legs wrapped around him. 

Yeah, he liked that song. It set him in the mood for one of his favorite Holidays. He even listened to it sometimes in his free time, or on patrols. 

The thing is, it’s not Halloween yet, you just couldn’t wait any longer after you suddenly got the strong urge to break into your bonefriends house.

Papyrus throws a calendar in your face as you suck in a breath, pausing your song for a moment, “IT’S FUCKING JUNE!!”