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Name: Alec

Height: 5'8

Hogwarts house: Slytherin

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Fictional character I’d date: i asked my roommate what she thinks id have for this and she said alec or magnus so

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One of the things I absolutely adore about yoi is the layering of the story… There’s symbolism and metaphor and foreshadowing and character/relationship depth that allows the audience to keep the show in mind after they’ve already completed the season. There’s really no shortage of things to analyze and, as the film theorist I am, I find that really attractive about the show. Alright, I’m done gushing, let’s actually get to the topic. 

There are 2 shots in yoi that are nearly identical, except for one crucial piece, but we’ll get to that in time. The first shot occurs in episode 3 (onsen on ice). 

Yuuri is about to go out onto the rink to perform specifically for Victor for the first time. We know from the warped vision (which they use 2 times again; once again with Yuuri and then with JJ) that Yuuri is close to a panic attack. 

Victor disrupts his thoughts, however, and Yuuri startles when he realizes Victor is standing so close. 

(that little yelp thing he does is so cute)

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"actually... I just miss you" for nurseydex when they're still crushing on each other pretty hard. congrats on the 800!

Thank you for this cute prompt!  I hope you like it!

“actually… I just miss you, dude.” Nursey says it while he’s half asleep laying his head in Dex’s lap. They were talking about their winter breaks. Nursey had insisted that Dex pet his head because “that would be the hashtag chillest”. He always gets this way after he had couple of beers and too many slices of Bitty’s Pie. He is just so soft (and has no fucking filter apparently). 

Dex is internally freaking the fuck the out. This isn’t them. They expressed their feelings and care through fond bickering and exasperated chirping.  It like the foundation of their relation–friendship to antagonize the shit out of each other. Dex has no fucking idea how to respond this vulnerable honesty.  

They have this unspoken rule to not mention the stares, the overt flirty chirps, the lingering “not bro” touches, and, how they are basically cuddling on this fucking gross ass couch right now. Dex isn’t sure if he is ready to risk the chance that maybe Nursey doesn’t actually like him like that. Maybe he’s the idiot who falls for the first boy to show him affection and attention.  Nursey’s soft snores pull him out of the train wreck of his internal monologue.  

Dex leans over to whisper into Nursey’s ear “ I missed you too, asshole”, Nursey snorts and pushes the lingering smile further into Dex’s stomach. It tickles, and, Dex just can’t help but laugh softly. They’re are so ridiculous and Dex wouldn’t have it any other way.  

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Hi! Could you do some angsty NurseyDex with "anything, just call me, okay?” from the 5 word prompts please?

Thank you for the prompt! I hope this is angsty enough! 

He did it, the crowd cheers, caps are thrown in the air, he’s graduated. Four years as flew by without any regards to Nursey and his feelings.  

Its just him and Dex. They are packing their things in the attic.  It has been surprising hard to try and determine who stuff is whose. 

The flannels were Dex’s, maybe except that green one with the blue stripes, and probably the red one with the purple floral pattern. 

The literary books are all Nursey’s except that series of Harry Potter books he got Dex for his birthday junior year, and second book of e.e. cummings’ poetry, that, Nursey knows he never bought. 

Its breaking his heart watching them untangle themselves from each others lives. But, the boxes are loaded in the back of their cars. Dex is going back to Maine while he waits for job confirmations and Nursey is going to New York. He has new publishing internship starting in a week.  

This is the end of era. He really doesn’t want it to be the end.  He is holding on to Dex, like he has the answers (like he could fix this, as he done with everything else in Nursey’s life). 

“Don’t be a stranger, Nurse.” Nursey can feel tremble in his voice as it ghosts across his neck. 

“Never.” Nursey replies breathlessly. He sniffs, trying to hold back the tears. “You can’t get rid of the me that easily, Poindexter.” Dex’s laugh is more watery than he intends. He moves so that he can look at Nursey’s face.

“Hey, if you need anything, just call me, okay?”  He eyes are red rimmed and glassy. Dex brushes a stray curl from his face. Nursey moves so his forehead is touching Dex’s. 

“I need you.” The first tears are starting to spill. Rough callused thumbs are swiping them off his cheeks. There are a firm warm lips on his mouth. He clinging to Dex’s waist as he moves to deepen the kiss. He doesn’t know what will happen when they stop kissing, but, right now this is everything. And that’s all that really matters. 

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“are you stupid or stupid?” with nurseydex bc obviously

This is one of my favorite prompts for nurseydex. 

Thank you for the prompt!

“You forgot, didn’t you?”  Dex is at his suite door in a suit and tie, with sunflowers.  His smile has fallen, but his cheeks are a happy flush.

“Uh… Honestly, I didn’t think were you being serious?”  Nursey lets him in and takes the flowers to put them in some water. “No one brought me flowers before. How did you know to get sunflowers?”  Dex is giving him that ‘are you stupid or stupid?’ look. God, He’s such an ass sometimes. “What?” Dex just shakes his head. 

“I know you haven’t gotten flowers before because you told me.” Nursey looks confused. “Last week.” Nope, he is drawing a blank. “At the kegster, after Brad, or Dan, whatever his name was, stood you up.” Jesus. He really needs to chill on the tequila when he is having boy troubles. 

“Which explains why you offer to take me on date the next day, so, I could get my first date with a guy out of the way.” Nursey said nodding his head. He arranges the sunflowers. Figures, No guy has ever actually followed through with the whole date thing.  Dex clears his throat. 

“Uh… I asked you because I wanted to go on a date with you.” Dex is looking at fridge behind him. His face start go an anxious red. He chews on his bottom lip, like he does when he is thinking of the best way to say something.  “But, If you don’t want to, I’ll just go.” 

“Why?” Dex shifts his focus to Nursey’s face and furrows his brow. 

“I am not going to make you go on a date.”  Nursey groans with frustration.

“No, idiot, why do you want to go on a date with me?” Dex is back to staring at the fridge. He takes a deep breathe like his trying to psych himself up to answer that question. Dex hold one of Nursey’s hand between both of his hands. 

“Derek, you are incredible person. You deserve to be taken out and treated like you matter,” Dex is looking very intently at him. It’s intense. He never look more serious, “because you matter a lot to me. I like the man I am becoming because you.”

“Oh okay.” Nursey says very quietly. 

“Okay. Now if you still want to this, you should change.” Dex is giving him an out, and that just won’t do. 

“What should I wear?” Dex smiles.   

“Maybe, that green sweater Ransom got you for christmas? It looks really nice and matches your eyes.”  Nursey nods. 

“Sw’awesome.” He pecks Dex’s cheek with a kiss before breezing quickly out of there to change. 

After all, He has a date. 

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It was your first week on the set of Supernatural, you were hired in as an intern, learning from one of the greatest directors in the industry, in your opinion anyways. Bob was great at teaching you the ins and outs of the job but failed to mention the way the guys acted on set, often catching you off guard and causing unnecessary interruptions constantly. It was one of the most laid back environments you had ever had the pleasure of working in but it could become extremely frustrating.

Today was no different than any other day, things were going smoothly until the diner scene. All three of the huge men were squished into the small seat quite uncomfortably, Jared’s massively long legs hung out over the edge of the seat and he was struggling to keep his large frame from sliding off of the bench, which in turn forced Jensen impossibly close to Misha. It was a disaster waiting to happen.

Within five minutes into the scene, you noticed Jensen couldn’t stop fidgeting in his seat and you couldn’t figure out for the life of you why. Sure it was a tight fit but it was necessary for the scene’s mood. The boys obviously didn’t know the stranger in front of them so their trust was still on the sketchy side. You leaned over to Bob, asking if you may interrupt filming. He gave you permission to do so, curious as to what you had to say about the situation.

“Cut! Jensen, do you have something you need to take care of? I could understand if there’s a problem down there, Jock itch? Crabs? Pin Worms?” by the last suggestion, Jared was red in the face from holding back his laughter, failing miserably, and Misha was still making goo goo eyes at Jensen.

“Alright, alright, enough! God, Y/N, you’re just gross!” he scrunched his nose up, but gave you a tight, kind smile before cutting his eyes towards Misha.

“If you must know, I was trying to stay focused on the scene but someone over here won’t quit with the grabby hands. Very uncomfortable dude, cut the crap so we can wrap this up. Y/N and I have plans after this!” He grumbled, you couldn’t help but laugh.
“Woah, we are in full character today aren’t we, Mr. Grumpy!” you giggled, signaling for the shooting to carry on. You couldn’t blame him though, you were pretty anxious to finish up today as well.