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Hey! For the softer world prompt, might I request some gen Hunk & Pidge with prompt #9? Thanks! Love your writing to bits and pieces, btw. :)

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“Okay.  It’s okay.  We’ve got this.  Everything’s just fine.”


“No, really, we’re cool.  This is great, it’s gunna be fun.  Nothing to hit out there, right?  Just open space.  For, like, ever.”


“Not ever, obviously, eventually we’ll hit something.  Just, you know, years later.  Centuries.  No big deal.  Nothing to worry about there.”


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20160917-08 by GenJapan1986

DAMN IT IM LATE. I’ve been so focused on making crap for you guys and handling life that I forgot to mention this! @getreadyforthealpacalypse You are the 800th follower of this blog! Thank you very much!!! <333

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I am hoping to do something as a thanks to all of you guys. Perhaps some kind of a “I’ll draw any YOI-related kind of art”? This includes AUs, Muses of other blogs, and just the plain ol’ character doing something. Just send in an ask or reblog this with what you want and I’ll do it! Some may be drawn with Pencil and paper. //Maybe// I insist on you guys asking for these. Like, seriously. DO IT. I’ll spend as long as I need to fulfill your deepest wishes ;3

It is absolutely baffling to me when anti-choice people bemoan poor people having children.

If you’re going to complain that people shouldn’t have kids if they can’t afford kids then you absolutely have to be aggressively pro access to affordable birth control and you have to be aggressively pro affordable health care. You have to be anti-ableism and anti-classism and anti-capitalist. You don’t get to judge people living in poverty for having children while literally supporting every system that keeps them in poverty.

Let Them Have This

It’s almost midnight when Dex takes his last load of laundry out of the dryer.

He needed to run it three times and sat in a folding chair in the cold basement to make sure it didn’t start to smoke.

His sweatshirt is still a little damp but his socks and t-shirts are dry and that’s really all he can ask for.

He pats the top of the dryer in thanks for not catching fire and then gives it the finger for all the hell it’s caused him and hoists the laundry basket up on his hip.

They’re only a couple hundred dollars shy from getting a new one and at the rate Jack and Bitty are going….

“Sweetheart, honey.”

Bitty’s voice floats down the stairs and Dex takes them two at a time to get to the top.

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