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Topic of discourse: they’ve introduced a new yoohoo flavor so now there’s chocolate, strawberry, and CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY… would sarge drink/enjoy a chocolate strawberry yoohoo, or stick to the classic strawberry only?


i wanted selfies but i don’t wanted to get up, so here is that

you can hear it in the silence (you are in love)

carmilla/laura ficlet, post-s1, plotless fluff. (seriously, 75% of this is laura’s head in carmilla’s lap) no warnings. [ao3]


There is a girl on your lap, dozing, the expanding and contracting of her ribcage a distraction. You’re trying to read—really, you are; the world will not make sense of itself, after all, and if words are a poor medium you’ve found nothing better, not yet—but she’s snoring softly and her knees are curled up toward her chest and one of her hands is resting against your thigh, and as much as you want to be reading you think you might rather put down the book.

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