800 meters

Solar System: Things to Know This Week

Reaching out into space yields benefits on Earth. Many of these have practical applications — but there’s something more than that. Call it inspiration, perhaps, what photographer Ansel Adams referred to as nature’s “endless prospect of magic and wonder." 

Our ongoing exploration of the solar system has yielded more than a few magical images. Why not keep some of them close by to inspire your own explorations? This week, we offer 10 planetary photos suitable for wallpapers on your desktop or phone. Find many more in our galleries. These images were the result of audacious expeditions into deep space; as author Edward Abbey said, "May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view.”

1. Martian Selfie

This self-portrait of NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover shows the robotic geologist in the “Murray Buttes” area on lower Mount Sharp. Key features on the skyline of this panorama are the dark mesa called “M12” to the left of the rover’s mast and pale, upper Mount Sharp to the right of the mast. The top of M12 stands about 23 feet (7 meters) above the base of the sloping piles of rocks just behind Curiosity. The scene combines approximately 60 images taken by the Mars Hand Lens Imager, or MAHLI, camera at the end of the rover’s robotic arm. Most of the component images were taken on September 17, 2016.

2. The Colors of Pluto

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft captured this high-resolution, enhanced color view of Pluto on July 14, 2015. The image combines blue, red and infrared images taken by the Ralph/Multispectral Visual Imaging Camera (MVIC). Pluto’s surface sports a remarkable range of subtle colors, enhanced in this view to a rainbow of pale blues, yellows, oranges, and deep reds. Many landforms have their own distinct colors, telling a complex geological and climatological story that scientists have only just begun to decode.

3. The Day the Earth Smiled

On July 19, 2013, in an event celebrated the world over, our Cassini spacecraft slipped into Saturn’s shadow and turned to image the planet, seven of its moons, its inner rings — and, in the background, our home planet, Earth. This mosaic is special as it marks the third time our home planet was imaged from the outer solar system; the second time it was imaged by Cassini from Saturn’s orbit, the first time ever that inhabitants of Earth were made aware in advance that their photo would be taken from such a great distance.

4. Looking Back

Before leaving the Pluto system forever, New Horizons turned back to see Pluto backlit by the sun. The small world’s haze layer shows its blue color in this picture. The high-altitude haze is thought to be similar in nature to that seen at Saturn’s moon Titan. The source of both hazes likely involves sunlight-initiated chemical reactions of nitrogen and methane, leading to relatively small, soot-like particles called tholins. This image was generated by combining information from blue, red and near-infrared images to closely replicate the color a human eye would perceive.

5. Catching Its Own Tail

A huge storm churning through the atmosphere in Saturn’s northern hemisphere overtakes itself as it encircles the planet in this true-color view from Cassini. This picture, captured on February 25, 2011, was taken about 12 weeks after the storm began, and the clouds by this time had formed a tail that wrapped around the planet. The storm is a prodigious source of radio noise, which comes from lightning deep within the planet’s atmosphere.

6. The Great Red Spot

Another massive storm, this time on Jupiter, as seen in this dramatic close-up by Voyager 1 in 1979. The Great Red Spot is much larger than the entire Earth.

7. More Stormy Weather

Jupiter is still just as stormy today, as seen in this recent view from NASA’s Juno spacecraft, when it soared directly over Jupiter’s south pole on February 2, 2017, from an altitude of about 62,800 miles (101,000 kilometers) above the cloud tops. From this unique vantage point we see the terminator (where day meets night) cutting across the Jovian south polar region’s restless, marbled atmosphere with the south pole itself approximately in the center of that border. This image was processed by citizen scientist John Landino. This enhanced color version highlights the bright high clouds and numerous meandering oval storms.

8. X-Ray Vision

X-rays stream off the sun in this image showing observations from by our Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, or NuSTAR, overlaid on a picture taken by our Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). The NuSTAR data, seen in green and blue, reveal solar high-energy emission. The high-energy X-rays come from gas heated to above 3 million degrees. The red channel represents ultraviolet light captured by SDO, and shows the presence of lower-temperature material in the solar atmosphere at 1 million degrees.

9. One Space Robot Photographs Another

This image from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows Victoria crater, near the equator of Mars. The crater is approximately half a mile (800 meters) in diameter. It has a distinctive scalloped shape to its rim, caused by erosion and downhill movement of crater wall material. Since January 2004, the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has been operating in the region where Victoria crater is found. Five days before this image was taken in October 2006, Opportunity arrived at the rim of the crater after a drive of more than over 5 miles (9 kilometers). The rover can be seen in this image, as a dot at roughly the “ten o'clock” position along the rim of the crater. (You can zoom in on the full-resolution version here.)

10. Night Lights

Last, but far from least, is this remarkable new view of our home planet. Last week, we released new global maps of Earth at night, providing the clearest yet composite view of the patterns of human settlement across our planet. This composite image, one of three new full-hemisphere views, provides a view of the Americas at night from the NASA-NOAA Suomi-NPP satellite. The clouds and sun glint — added here for aesthetic effect — are derived from MODIS instrument land surface and cloud cover products.

Discover more lists of 10 things to know about our solar system HERE.

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800 meters into my 3k my spike came untied. In past years I would’ve (and have) let something like this get to my head and ruin my race. But today I didn’t let my triple-knotted shoe coming untied so early in a race take control of me. “Mind over matter” I told myself, and then I went on to PR in a race that I’ve never been successful in. Cheers to a new chapter and to being stronger both mentally and physically


The fast trench-digging vehicle BTM-3 is designed to dig defensive and communication trenches in soils of up to IV type. The BTM consists of the basis vehicle and digging equipment. A heavy artillery prime-mover was used as the vehicle basis. When the vehicle is moving in transport mode, the gear box provides five gears for forward movement and one for backward. As soon as the vehicle starts digging trenches speed is decreased.
The BTM can dig trenches in curves with a minimum radius of 25 m. The vehicle can switch from transport mode to operating (digging) mode in 10 minutes. When digging at 3rd gear, the BTM can approximately dig an 800 meter long man-sized trench in one hour.

4/24/17 - WOD

Today’s workout was allllllll running. The weather’s getting nice so I had a feeling this would be coming. After warm ups and stretching out, we ran a mile with max effort. I finished in 10:59, which is 0:57 seconds shorter than last time. Yay!

For the WOD we teamed up and did relay running. Each partner did:

- 200 Meter
- 400 meter
- 800 meter
- 400 meter
- 200 meter

It took me and my parter 26:57 to finish all our running. It was long, but we did it!

Things i hear in gym class

After running 800 meters “Ahh! -panting- i asked to die, but not like this. not like this”

*Stretching*  “Are muscles supposed to feel like death?”

*finish line*  “Is This some form of Torture?!”

*running again*  “I can hear a velociraptor in my head.” **Looks around* “Oh, wait that’s a train”

*Screaming in the distance*

*Two guys hug each other while very sweating*

*Someone yelling , while what sounds like sobbing, “I BELIEVE in YOU GUYS”*

“I’m so thirsty”

“Theres a puddle right there.”

*Someone very sad* “I was so tired i fell down and now i know there is poop on the ground.”

*someone else* “CAn HandS Blush?!”

“Basic math is now a mystery.”

“Please stop saying big words my head hurts”

“I went to the doctor once, and ONLY ONCE.”
“THAT’s good”

Gym time is a dramatic time

Today I fucked up by making a joke

TIFU when I went to cross country practice. Now when I run the amount I swear increases exponentially because it’s running and it’s stupid. Well I was about 800 meters from the finish and there’s this hill that I swear is birthed by Satan himself. Well I looked up it and wanted to swear but someone was running by so I just whispered to myself “oh hill no.” Of course I think I’m pretty damn funny after this and I laughed so hard I fell down the hill and had to run all the way back up it again. Overall: just like that hill, my joke had its ups and downs.

I’m so sorry

His nomination is actually doubly significant for me. I got so used to seeing him in the cutting room as Mad Max. It just shows what a great actor he is. I didn’t feel any familiarity watching him in The Revenant. I felt like he was Fitzgerald. It just shows that he’s the guy who’s prepared to take on anything. He’s like a decathlete in the Olympics. He doesn’t just do the 800 meters but he does the broad jump, the high jump and the pole vaulting.

- Director George Miller on Tom Hardy being nominated for best supporting actor in The Revenant.

The Bestiary: Vampire Squid

It came from the depths of the ocean! Millions of years on the bottom of the sea have transformed the small squid into a rampaging monstrosity ready to destroy America! Guaranteed terror! SQUID ATTACK! Watch at the nearest cinema!

Today’s Episode: The Vampire Squid

No, don’t be afraid, they don’t actually drink blood… as far as we know.

We already talked about the fact that the bottom of the ocean houses some of the most bizarre, outworldly and terrifying monstrosities on this earth. If this goes even for the creatures considered to be less threatening, such as isopods, what do the epitomes of nautical awesome and inspiration of oh so many cheesy 60s horror movies, cephalopods get warped into down there?

The answer, naturally, is that they get warped into this.

This is the Vampyrotheutis infernalis. That name literally translates to Vampire Squid from Hell. You remember the part where science is hard cold fact and doesn’t let itself be affected by emotions? Well, you can throw that out to the dumpster, because this unholy bastard child of Cthulhu and Béla Lugosi freaked biologists out so hard that they decided to name it Vampire Squid from Hell.

Actually, the name “squid” is largely a formality - this thing is neither an octopus, nor a squid. It’s so strange and unplaceable in cephalopodic taxonomy that, after years of frantically searching up and down the cephalopod family tree, they managed to dig up an order of long-extinct Krakenesque monstrosities known as Vampyromorphida and place it there.

This is the Leptotheutis gigas, one of its alleged cousins. I don’t know about you guys, but as far as I know, animals are usually named “gigas” for a reason.

Aaaaand crash and burn. Considering that the vampire squid is only 30 centimeters long, this thing can be considered downright colossal.

Now, consider that all these creepy betentacled fucks died out, and the sole survivor of the entire nightmarish order is a relatively small “squid”.

Common sense dictates that all the omnicidal, dripping, primordial evil of the Vampyromorphida is likewise present in vampire squid, only in higher density, because they’re smaller.

The squid itself lives a fairly slow-paced life, either because fast movement is power-costly and it’s hard to regenerate energy down there, or because it secretly plots the downfall of human civilization. I subscribe to the latter theory.

Notably, it lives in a depth of approximately 800 fucking meters, giving all the better-known hardass deep-sea monsters such as the anglerfish or the pelican eel a run for their money. To put this in context: oxygen is so rare down there that the water is theoretically unfit to support areobic life. In simpler terms, the water is so oxygen-poor that the only things that are supposed to be able to survive there are bacteria for whom oxygen is explicitly harmful. And yet the vampire squid can survive in these mind-boggling depths, and has absolutely zero problem breathing in water with an oxygen saturation of just 3%. Three. Percents. Three. An oxygen level that low wouldn’t only cause a human to die at superluminal speeds, it probably wouldn’t even be enough for his body to start rotting. And this dark, slimy piece of shit just dilly-dalles along in nearly no oxygen. God dammit.

It also has these little earlike fins on its head body it flaps to move around, because once again, using the mega-awesome bionic jet engine most cephalopods use would be to damn costly in energy. However, this makes the vampire squid not only an outlandish hybrid of Count Dracula and a Great Old One of your choosing, but an outlandish hybrid of Count Dracula, said Great Old One and Dumbo.

Let’s talk about the bioluminescence, shall we? Because this guy is covered head to toe in bioluminescent photophores. Not only that, it releases a bioluminescent fluid instead of ink in order to fuck with potential predators and its eyes glow with different colors.

Epileptic disco squid. Yum.

As if all these defensive tactics weren’t already enough, the vampire squid takes defence to the level of a crazy survivalist hoarding shotguns in his toolshed in case the President turns evil and declares martial law. Namely, they turn their webbed umbrella-like tentacles inside out until they become the deep-sea equivalent of Sonic the Hedgehog, that is, a fleshy ball of spikes that kill you to death if you as much as touch them. Well, that’s what this sneaky little fucker wants you to believe, even though the spikes are completely harmless.

Here is what it looks like.


Iä! Iä! Vam’Pyre Squ’Id fhtagn!

antigonic  asked:

omg what hot air balloon story?

here is your tl,dr conveniently at the beginning: last march i was in a hot air balloon crash with two girls named kate and some other folks in cappadocia, turkey, a incident which i inadvertently predicted was going to happen after seeing a group of japanese tourists in full body protective gear waving jovially at us while we took off in nothing more than our spring coats, and that i did not realize was happening, even during the rapid 2,000 foot drop out of the sky, until the first impact into the side of a mountain filled with sheep.

the hair is me, and irish kate is next to me, trying to get me to stop laughing long enough to climb out. 

long version: irish kate, my roommate, convinced me to go to cappadocia during our second semester living in istanbul after i had categorically refused to go during the first semester trip because i have trypophobia and like, cappadocia is fundamentally just a bunch of holes. but irish kate was like ohhhhhh and you call yourself a fan of early christian sainthood and roman resistance so finally i agreed to go

so while it is true that wherever i go weird shit happens

  • the entirety of the north pole city of tromso losing electricity for the first time in years the second night i was there in dead winter 
  • the time i accidently illegally crossed the algerian border
  • the time a mixture of margaret thatcher’s funeral procession and a anti anxiety pill almost got me fired and my visa revoked
  • the time i almost got into a car crash at a inland intersection because a giant chunk of what turned out to be humpback whale fell out the back of a university lab truck 

we can all still blame this on irish kate, because she brought the human disaster to cappadocia and put it in a hot air balloon in the first place.

now the month of the fall trip, a hot air balloon had crashed in cappadocia and killed a japanese tourist. not a lot of people knew but those who did assumed this was why i didn’t want to go, and kept trying to reassure me that crashes almost never happened (wrong) and i didn’t even have to go up if i didn’t want to (true) but nope, it was the holes, which means when i did finally show up there i was too busy dealing with controlling my gag reflex due to porous rock and examining the Dark Church (worth controlling one’s gag reflex for) to consider, like, flight risks? and also the fact that in turkey public safety is sorta a…grey area. if you want to shake the habit of reaching for a seat belt, please go live in turkey for a year. (i miss turkey so much, oh my god you guys)

but i had been living there for a while at this point so i just signed up for the sunrise balloon ride and didn’t really think anything of it. 

i did, however, remember the previous accidental death while the tourists in full body gear waved at us as we loaded into the basket, because other kate was like, why do they have that stuff? should we have that stuff? and i was like no i think they have it by request cause that person who died last fall was japanese and it probably made the news there or whatever. and then, conversationally, before everyone could be like, someone died????

  • i don’t think knee pads are going to be much help when we plunge 700 meters next to an open flame anyway

irish kate looks at me

  • wtf maria you know other kate is sort of scared of heights she didn’t give you shit about the pigeon holes
  • we aren’t going to plummet, kate  

i mean, hurried correction

  • yeah no, when we plummet
  • no sorry
  • if we plunge?  

i mean, scrambling

  • no, sorry, we won’t plunge, i mean
  • or plummet

we’re not going to crash irish kate repeated to other kate and anyone listening, and i swear to you, seconds later, very mildly, the pilot said it is windy today.

  • to this day i do not know why we crashed, or by what means, whether it was wind or something else but this can be considered nothing but an ominous statement in retrospect 

so like, i’d never been on a hot air balloon but in so far as i could tell you, the takeoff was smooth and the first thirty minutes or so were fine, we where lower to the ground then checking out those famous cappadocian dick rocks:

fun times

and then we started to ascend like, very, very high. i want to say i heard 800 meters but i really can’t recall, all i can tell you is it was very high and that we were at least 2,000 feet up at one point and had maybe lowered just a little when we started going




and like tbh i was sort of tired from the four am wake up and hungry at this point so i was pleased that going back down wasn’t taking that long. and i guess everyone else at this point was sort of uneasy cause the pilot seemed sort of stressed out and was speaking intense turkish into his radio and we were, undeniably, begining to both plunge and plummet, but like i said i was sort of zoning out and i wasn’t facing anyone else and i just assumed that this was how it was always done? like idk i never was under the impression that hot air balloons just dainty landed on the back of a truck or something. and no one was like, screaming or anything?

rule of thumb: i try to not assume and/or notice the worst. 

all i remember from these minutes of what should have been sheer terror is watching a mountainside grow closer and beginning to make out like, movement on it and so my thought process as i sped towards possible release from this flesh vessel and assent into the next life was probably something like

  • oh, are those goats?
  • oh, a sheepherder
  • sheep then?
  • do you herd goats?
  • is “herder” still a viable vocation? 

and then the pilot says “assume crash positions” and i do remember exactly what my thought process was then which was

  • if u say so
  • wait

and then we hit the ground.

  • thafuck

which was when people started to scream, and i, ever the nervous laugher, began cackling maniacally, which irish kate said is the thing she recalls most vividly from the ordeal:

  •  everyone screaming, and the sound of my laughter in her ear. 

so: when a hot air balloon crashes on the side of a mountain on a windy day, it doesn’t just crash once and then stop. no, no. it crashes, lifts a few meters off the ground and (in so far as i could tell crouched inside the basket with my head bouncing every which way because i had not properly assumed my crash position) the balloon sort of catches wind and drags itself along, crashing a few more times up the hill, not down, until coming to a stop at an angle and, very anticlimactically, tipping over to one side.

so like, sometimes the reason someone may die in a ballooning accident isn’t actually impact, its getting thrown out of the balloon a few feet in front and then getting crushed as the balloon rears back up and comes down on them. i think we had been dragged like at least 100 feet from our original site of impact

but like i said my perception of all this was just


after we finally come to a stop and most us are still tangled up in the basket trying to get out (because literally thank god no one fell out and got mushed because then this would be a terrible story) the pilot sort of wordlessly hands us a few bottles of somehow unbroken faux champagne from a backpack, and ambles away over a nearby hill and disappears, which later i was told was to get good reception for the gps so the rescue crew could find us but at the time my reaction to this, as like the only person who would have any idea of where we are or what to do about what just happened seemingly cut his losses and ran was 

  • in no way would this have been prevented or improved by protective gear 

and by then we dissolved into a fit of psychotic giggles, while i whine over and over why does this always happen to me, making it nearly impossible for us to think clearly enough to untangle our feet from the mess in the basket and climb out.

i had to stay in the basket for like ten minutes. 


the pilot didn’t come back for ages so we just sort of dazedly milled about on the rocks and drank sparkling cider??? a lot of people wondered out loud that maybe it was supposed to happen like that because no one really ever explained it to us 

but i am skeptical of that tbh. 

and then some white vans came and got us and took us back to the hotel for breakfast because it was only nine am at this point and i almost passed out looking at pigeon holes later, the end. 


Caster Semenya has been accused of cheating because of what her body does naturally

After wining the 800 meter at the 2009 world track and field championships, Caster Semenya faced serious investigations, competitors accused her of not being a woman. She was forced to undergo “sex verification tests,” NPR reported. She was found to have higher levels of testosterone, which occur naturally in many people because of a condition called hyperandrogegism. The rhetoric and criticism surrounding Semenya’s body was dripping with prejudice — especially without scientific evidence.

Eighty years ago this month, the United States competed in the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games in Nazi Germany, and 18 African-American athletes were part of the U.S. squad.

Track star Jesse Owens, one of the greatest Olympians of all time, won four gold medals. What the 17 other African-American Olympians did in Berlin, though, has largely been forgotten — and so too has their rough return home to racial segregation.

“Determination! That’s what it takes,” one of the athletes, John Woodruff, said during a 1996 oral history interview for the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. “A lot of fire in the stomach!”

Woodruff won the gold medal in the 800-meter race — and he did it in Adolf Hitler’s Germany.

“There was very definitely a special feeling in winning the gold medal and being a black man,” Woodruff said. “We destroyed his master-race theory whenever we start winning those gold medals.”

Black U.S. Olympians Won In Nazi Germany Only To Be Overlooked At Home

Photo: Bettman Archive/Getty Images
Caption: At the 1936 Olympics, 18 black athletes went to Berlin as part of the U.S. team. Pictured here are (left to right rear) Dave Albritton, and Cornelius Johnson, high jumpers; Tidye Pickett, a hurdler; Ralph Metcalfe, a sprinter; Jim Clark, a boxer, and Mack Robinson, a sprinter. In front are John Terry, (left) a weight lifter and John Brooks, a long jumper.

How to survive to an athletics hour
  • Me : I can't ! I can't ! Oh my God, let me die ! I don't feel my legs anymore ! Ahhh, 800 meters left, kill me !
  • Me : Okay, think to something happy !
  • Me : *imagines Maxon at the finishing line*
  • Maxon : Go, go, go ! You can do it, my dear !
  • Me : I can't ! And I AM NOT YOUR DEAR !
  • Me : Hum... it didn't work.
  • Me : *imagines Maxon shirtless*
  • Me : *runs faster*

*continued from <5>*


+act. Magazine

Sato Takeru – Long Interview<6>

-Actor is a queer job. (lol) To hear you say that though it is called by the same word ‘actor’, you are doing totally different job in each shooting site, I think it must be very hard. But you yourself desire to do something you have never done before. Most jobs have a pattern to some degree, and following that pattern makes you master the skill, right?

It’s not always the case, I suppose. It’s just that someone has decided some pattern. But as I have never done any other job than this, I want to try taking an office job. What on earth is it like, I wonder?

-Actor is a job which requires you to perform something with reality, while wondering what it is like, right?

Um, but it is totally different from actually taking the job. What we’re doing is how realistic we can make it look; how much reality we can put it.

-Do you want to try taking an office job?

I have interest in it. It’s just because I don’t know it.

-Is it simply out of Sato Takeru’s interest rather than for the purpose of getting experience for the acting?

Yes. After all I can get something from the experience for the acting as well, though. But it’s out of interest as a human being. However, I probably won’t be able to keep doing the same thing for a long time.

-Why do you think you can’t?

I get bored. I get bored and feel like squealing, I suppose. (lol) For, suppose you have two days off each week, you have to go to work every day without fail except for Saturday and Sunday, right? You do it even in two years or three years, right? It seems impossible to me. As for an actor, if you hang on with all your might for a certain period of time, you can rest a bit. Well … regardless of whether it is weekend or weekday.

-To put it the other way round, is it OK if you can’t have a rest while you’re hanging on with all your might?

Yes. Well, it’s indeed tough, but it suits to my tastes. So I really respect those who are working for a company properly.

-Even if you have to work from early in the morning till late at night without day off for months, it is better for you to know it has an end, right?

So I’m a sprinter. Distance race is impossible for me.

-Well, but you’re running quite a distance race now? (lol)

You said it! Though I started running at the speed of a sprint, it turned out to be a long-distance race. It’s as if I started running expecting it to be a 100-meter race, but I found the goal was 800 meters away. (lol)

-You’re weak in continuing to do something without seeing a goal, aren’t you?

Yes. It will be hard without a goal. But I’m not sure because I’m telling you so just imagining in my head. If I try it in reality, it may not be so simple as I’m saying now.

-You may find some stimulus or motivation in it, right?

That’s right. It differs from person to person about anything.

-Exactly. In Tokuzo-san’s case, his job now ‘suits to his tastes’, right? In the first episode, Toshiko-san (Kuroki Haru), Shutaro-san (Suzuki Ryohei), and all the other cast showed really nice expression, I think. But I also think they were inspired by Tokuzo-san you played.

That goes for all of us. That’s a truth about actors.

-In addition, to hear about the ‘peculiar’ way of shooting in your talk today, I thought really skillful actors had got together.

We’re making it very sensitively.

-By the way, I remember you saying it when you were playing Kenshin, but is the ideal person for you still the character that appears in anime or manga?

Yes, it is. After all, anime realizes the ideal, or describes the ideal, so real person cannot defeat it, never.

-But don’t you think a kind of humaneness including faults is better?

Um, but if you don’t think it to be the ideal, anime or manga will lose its raison d’être, I suppose. In that sense, I think dramas and films also describe the ideal. Though they are weaker in that human beings are acting, fictions are, including novels, something that depicts our ideal or our longing after all, so if we cease to think of it as our longing, it is meaningless to produce them, isn’t it?

-In all aspects, you don’t waver at all. Don’t you sometimes feel, ‘Ah, I was wavering at that time’?

I don’t remember. If you give me some example, I may be reminded, ‘Ah~!’ but I really don’t remember the past. But do people usually waver so much? Those around me don’t seem to waver so much.

-We waver, or something like ‘I thought this was so, but I found I was wrong’ will sometimes happen, right?

In that sense, there are times when ‘I’ve found something new!’  ‘I was wrong’ … I don’t indeed remember finding ‘I was wrong’.

-And as you used these words several times today, when Takeru-kun says, ‘I’m trying hard’ or ’I’m doing my best’, it has special importance, I feel. Some people use ‘I’ll do my best!’ very lightly, right? (lol)

Some people say so as a kind of greetings, or so-called a fixed phrase. But it can’t be helped because those phrases will settle everything nicely. I myself say, ‘I’ll do my best’ in such a way when I’m at a loss for words.

-But most of the time, Takeru-kun’s ‘I’ll do my best’ is a true ‘I’ll do my best’. I need another word to distinguish your ‘I’ll do my best’ from a lighter one.

Fufufu. Then let’s add ‘super’ to it. (lol)

-When I read the script of Tenno no Ryoriban, I noticed that you appear in almost every scene and you’re challenging cooking without using a stand-in. Judging from what has reached my ears, they say you have been working now as hard as you did in ‘Kenshin’ for nearly half a year. But does experiencing the toughest role in Kenshin, for example, made some difference in the way you accept or deal with the difficulties next time?

No, not at all. For the first time in my life, I searched ‘irritation’ space ‘can’t stop’ by keyword. I turned to the Internet for the resolution of my ‘difficulty’. (lol)

-(lol) Did you get an answer?

Let me see, deep breathing and stretching are good … said some curation website. Oh, and exposure to the natural light is good, too. Since the first episode was aired, I’m getting a break a bit now at last, but producing a drama seriously is such a tough thing, I suppose.

-This drama is worth your effort, I think, and Tokuzo-san is supremely attractive.

I’m really glad to hear it. As expected, our job is not just a manual labor but a job that wastes mental energy, so … we can’t avoid being mentally exhausted. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is only difficulty but there are more things that enrich our lives.

-Every time I have felt your will to step over your limits at that time, but after I watched ‘Tenno no Ryoriban’ and talked with you today, I reached a conviction that since ‘Kenshin’ that attitude has been getting far stronger. This year ‘BakuMan’, and next year ‘Sekai kara Neko ga Kietanara’ will be released. I’m looking forward to seeing Sato Takeru step over his limits once again. Please let me interview again then.

By all means. I’ll do my ‘super’ best. (lol)

~the End~

Thank you for reading this long interview!
I hope you’ll know Takeru’s attitude toward acting better :)

Honoring Marine Gunnery Sgt. Jonathan W. Gifford, who perished July 29, 2012, in Bagdhis province, Afghanistan, fighting to his last breath in an enemy ambush.

According to a recent report by the Marine Corps Times, when a group of Afghan special forces soldiers came under enemy fire, Gifford, a team chief assigned to Marine Special Operations Command, jumped onto an all-terrain vehicle and sped 800 meters to their aid, administering first aid and moving the wounded to an evacuation zone, under enemy fire all the while.

He then returned across that 800-meter stretch of unprotected terrain to defend another group of Afghan commandos.

He killed an insurgent who was firing from a window, scaled a building full of Taliban fighters and dropped a fragmentation grenade down the chimney, and continued to engage the enemy before falling to enemy fire.

For his bravery and sacrifice, Gifford was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross, the nation’s second-highest award for gallantry in combat on June 17, 2014.

Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. John Paxton presented the award to Gunny Gifford’s family in a ceremony at MARSOC Headquarters aboard Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.