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hi everyone! i’m almost at 800 followers (wowza) so i decided to get my follower gift done early. here’s a follow forever! it’s kind of a tiny one since i haven’t been around for very long. i love every single blog on this list! making it made me so happy because of all the good content everyone makes here. thank you all for being so great <3


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800 Followers gift! - Thank You!!

Hey guys!! So today I got something special for you! I really loved the dresses that came for adults with Dine Out and I realised I finally know how to make CC…so I’d make a version for kids. I used a dress from Get To Work as a base for the recolour so of course that pack is required!

  • Requires Get To Work
  • 9 Floral Patterns and 9 Solids - original colours! 
  • Available in Merged and Separate styles (so you can have both or one!)
  • Standalone


Simfileshare - [Merged] | [Solids] & [Patterns]

Please consider tagging me if you use it in photos! I’d really appreciate it ^^

Credit to my little sister for the sim…again! (she made me credit her for that AGAIN smh ;’))

If anyone can help me with BGC please let me know ♥

PnF | Rhian Jacket - 800 followers gift

Hello, i’ve reached 800 followers few weeks ago!! I wanna thank you all who follow me. Here is a gift for you XD

New Mesh. Button up white shirt with various different coloured jackets, jackets come in 10 solid colours and 1 floral pattern
Female Tf to Ef and Includes custom thumbnail

Feel free to retexture/recolour but please DO NOT includes the mesh

Hair @antosims | Jeans @cleotopia | Skin @pralinesims

Thank you for @margeh75 and @supernerdylove for testing it <3

Download | Here (Simfileshare)


Superhero Set Part 3! - Boxers

Soooo why wouldn’t boys have superhero underwear too? Now they can match their underwear with their girlfriends’ ! How cute is that?? xD Plus this turns out to be a part of a 800 followers gift! :D :P

Again there are 9 variations, but the Wonder Woman and Marvel ones were replaced by Green Lantern and Robin :) They are recolors of the underwear and each have their own swatch :)

(please tell me if there are any problems with them! :O )

Download: Simfileshare

Pecan Pie Afternoon

Pairing: Dean x Reader 
Request:  I was wondering if you would be able to write a cute lil smutty fic of deanxreader where it’s a lazy day and there’s some love making on the couch to the Sunday cartoons ;P! thank you! xoxo AND  Part 2 of Apple Pie Life, loved it cute stuff with mary and a sibling or siblings
Part 1!
Word count: 4,025
Warnings: smut, language, fingering, fluffness 

A/N: 800+ followers celebration gift y'all!!! (It took me 6 hours between procrastinating and eating to finish this)

Request: # Still don’t know

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