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spannamastings - i LOVE your blog and i really appreciate you tagging me in things because im 99% sure if you didn’t no one would(◕‿-)
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i know i’ve probably left a lot out but thankyOUU(✿◠‿◠)

Pearl wasn’t there to hear Jasper call fusion “a cheap tactic to make weak gems stronger”. She didn’t see the forced cluster fusion. So even though she knows what she did was wrong I don’t think she really understands how much it hurt Garnet personally. 

The last thing Garnet said before she stopped talking to Pearl was “Peridot is out there somewhere and Pearl’s been distracting us with nothing!” so Pearl thinks if she finds Peridot everything will be okay again, because she thinks the only thing Garnet’s upset about is that they wasted time.

Garnet has every right to be mad but I don’t think she fully understands Pearl’s motivations either. She has a lot of strength and confidence that Pearl doesn’t have so she might not see why Pearl would go through such lengths to form Sardonyx.

Pearl can’t personally identify with being a fusion all the time and Garnet can’t personally identify with how lonely Pearl feels because she’s “never alone”.

So yeah, they really need to talk.

So 6 non asian guys think its ok to join in on a sociologists experiment (that doesnt make sense in the first place) and skip all of the years of training and mannerisms of kpop, ignore the culture of the industry, and dont even bother to study, live, or compose in the country theyre claiming to be inspired off of…what kind of illogical experiment is this supposed to be? not to mention they literally threw themselves in this “category” of kpop hoping itll raise them to instant recognition? Oh yes, and theyre blatantly ripping off exo. How appropriative. Kpop is korean pop music. Its korean. You dont have to be korean but hey, you have to have had been in korea, trained in korea, and produced and worked in korea!! This is disgusting. Imagine if i took a medal from a runner and called myself an Olympian sans training and effort. This is how exp feels to me. Bora kim is doing everything wrong.