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Dear Work Drugs,

I fucking <3 you. When I’m not listening to Italo Disco, or French House Music, I’m listening to these cats.

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Mountaineer - White Sea

This is one of the solo projects of Morgan Kibby. She provided vocals, keys, and arrangement on M83’s full length “Saturdays=Youth” Her solo work definitely highlights her influence on that album, particularly her 80’s revival sound (which I love)

Sohight ft. Dandyskills - High School

In case you were wondering how Nu-Disco and Synthwave sound like in Russia, today is your chance to discover it. Better, it’s your chance to actually listen to some of it! Hailing from Magnitogorsk, a remote location North of Kazakhstan and some 2,000km East from Moscow, Sohight is a mysterious new comer who I cannot really talk about. What I can tell you though is that his new single High School is a dope track and that he is probably getting ready to take over the dancefloors of the Russian Steppes.


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Today I...
  1. reveled in my black legwarmers,
  2. decided that baked chicken with Italian seasoning and Parmesan cheese, and carb-less penne with garlic basil sauce would make a nice dinner at a whopping 20 total carbs per serving, [insert applause here]
  3. worked on my outline and character sketches (and decided that stealing pictures of celebrities off of the internet to use for my characters is significantly easier than what I originally planned to do),
  4. decided that sentence rules and restrictions (like fragments and run-on sentences) must have been lost on me when I was in elementary school, and
  5. decided that five is a nice round number to end this with.
When We're Dancing
Twin Shadow
When We're Dancing

“When We’re Dancing”
Twin Shadow

Sometimes Pandora hits it on the mark. I was listening to Pandora yesterday while getting some work done in the early afternoon, and this track came on. All it took was one listen to this song to get me to download the debut album from Twin Shadow. It’s a nostalgia-inducing trip through dance-able beats, synth-dripping tracks, and some really heart wrenching lyrics. I have to hand it to this guy: he knows how to make a catchy album.

Further good news: Twin Shadow will be playing at the Doug Fir on September 26th. Needless to say, I will be there.


Rod Stewart “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy ?”

Today I got 4 compliments on my makeup, back to back, within 20 minutes of being in the building. Well. I thiiink the last one was a compliment because that’s how I took it. This guy looked at me and sassily said “You look like 80’s Boy George” and I got so excited that I didn’t really think about it until now… huh.

Either way, Boy George is beautiful and I’m lucky to resemble him! :P

Futurecop! (feat. Keenhouse) - The Only Way

A ridiculously feel-good song from Futurecop! featuring Keenhouse. To talk a little bit more about Futurecop!, they are a duo from the UK whose sole intention is to recreate the music that cradled their childhood. It has many influences from 80’s movie themes, video games scores, and all that go along the synthful decade. They released their latest EP a few weeks ago and it’s called The Adventures Of Starpony.

Rumors say there was an international conspiracy led by the entertainment industry back in the 80’s to get us 80’s kids to be fond of that kind of music (think, Nintendo, Sega, Warner, etc.). Don’t blame us for loving 80’s revival, we were conditioned to loving it.

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