broniedashcrayon  asked:

What are your oc's? Humans, furries, gems, ponies? Etc.

I got a little bit of everything my friend. Humans, furries, cats, demon weapons, species I’ve made up, and yes some ponies too. (However, I don’t do much with them anymore outside of the community I was a part of). And some others. I think it’s a good mix


Breakfast with Jem. Samantha Newark, the Original voice of Jem - 08/10/2016
8 October, 10:00 AM - Dorky's Arcade - Tacoma - United States - CLOSED TO THE PUBLLIC ONLY 100 PEOPLE Entry $25 per person Ticket includes- Breakfast Hot Chocolate 1 Jem Comic Book 1 ...
By Dorky's Arcade

Awww man, this looks cool!  Breakfast with the original VA of Jem!