windows 7 destruction starters

“ it’s magic ___ , it’s magic “
“ dude i couldn’t even carry that much money in my pockets “
“ oh my god, oh my sweet jesus “
“ i’m going to poop inside out “
“ it’s literally- oh
“ and advertisements, why “
“ i refuse to have your mustaches “
“ look at this infinite wall of things “
“ let’s close this down “
“ already did this nice ass koala “
“ look at this massive mouse “
“ ohh, oh man “
“ what is the worst offender “
“ it’s good for you! “
“ okey “
“ this doesnt look fishy at all “
“ mmm yes, get in me “
“ time to go to the internet, and see how we can fix this “
“ these are made up reviews, to make idiots think they’re safe”
“ that’s like getting an atomic bomb, and putting a sticker on it that says ‘steve didn’t get killed by this’ “
“ this thing has a voice? “
“ radical- no this isn’t the 80′s anymore “
“ my. pony. “
“ what is this beast on my floor “
“ what in the fuck is this “
“ they all wanna send me shoes”
“ bad ass mafia toolbars “
“ oh-oh. this looks fan-tastic “
“ my friends are gonna think i’m the raddest kid in the world. in. the. world. “

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My Little Pony (80's cartoon and Friendship is Magic!)

80s cartoon:

haven’t seen it | not a fan | indifferent | pretty good | absolutely awesome | one of my favorites

It’s not as deep or well-developed as MLP;FiM and the animation’s not the best (but that was standard in the 80s), but it’s very cute and feel-goody, the characters are adorable, it has some great adventure elements to it, and it’s got such a nice, pleasant, nostalgic atmosphere to it. Gusty, Wind Whistler, and Firefly are my favorites.


haven’t seen it | not a fan | indifferent | pretty good | absolutely awesome | one of my favorites

Ever since I saw it for the first time during S1 when I was fourteen, I’ve been hooked. The characters are all lovable and amazing, the animation’s beautiful (especially for a flash cartoon), the episodes are really good, the worldbuilding is amazing…it’s just such a great cartoon and one of the best ones of the 2010s. And it really helped me during a bad time of my life (not as bad as middle school, but I was having problems with depression during high school which the show helped me with)

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Im limiting myself to the cartoons since Im not well versed in toy critique. Also not gonna get to much into anatomy since they are all stubby fetus mules, and we will probably talk about FiM anatomy at some point in the future…

Note that i was never into MLP, not cause I hate them they just arnt my taste. ILL TRY MY BEST

Gen 1

The first show and movie are pretty standard 80′s toy commercial cartoon alook. As a kid I could never really get into those types of shows cause I had the hardest time remembering the characters since they all had the same darn design, just recolored differently. The villians were a million times more appealing to me as a kiddo.

I dont know my rating system, but it is a perfectly generic 80′s cartoon

My Little Pony Tales has pretty similar designs, just blander and has really junky animation. 

I didnt wanna get into reviewing the shows themselves, but this one gets specially mention cause I specifically hate it. I wasnt into the original but it was atleast a fantasy about a civilization of she-ponies and their diplomacy and wars amoungst other races and beings. This show wanted to appeal to an “older audience” of girls, so they gutted out the fun and made it a slice of life about school and how girls gossip and want to impress boys. 

Gen 2

…had no shows, all I think the only sortof media it had was a pc game?? No one cares about Gen 2 so im skipping it.

Gen 3 

finally an improvement

Ignoring the fact that the gen 3 specials are pretty bad there is something that just isnt cute about their designs. They dont have the same fat heads and sad watery eyes gen 1 had, now they are just sorta bland. The older shows were cheep, but there is something about cheep 80′s cartoons that has a charming quality over cheep 00′s cartoons

Gen 3.5


Gen 4

IGNORING ITS QUALITIES AS A SHOW AND ONLY LOOKING AT IT AESTHETICALLY they did their darndest to make a show animated in flash not look like ass. And they certainly succeeded in making it…passable

Despite having the most fetusy designs outta all incarnations (minus the one that they were literal babies), the show managed to be stylish enough for it not to bother me most the time. My brain readily accepts the fact that they are sparkly eyed plastic aliens and not sick horses.

Like every incarnation tho the main pones all got the same body, just recolored with different hair (and eyes this time). Celestia and some other secondary/minor characters do diverge from the template, but thats my expectations for the average cartoon to do…

I could nitpick a lot of things but my summarized thoughts is that it’s very average visually. Work went into it obviously, but I guess it never blows me away design wise.