80's teen titans

I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING. There is so much wrong with this. a.) vogue pose discowing b.) Kory’s from Jersey Shore and can probably strangle someone with her hair c.) Cy’s in a fucking unitard c.) Garfield is using “groupies” in regular conversation d.) THEY ARE PLAYING FUCKING HIDE AND SEEK WITH JERICHO. I JUST. I JUST CAN’T.


80’s rock? Daft Punk? Bold fantasy and sci-fi album art? Over-the-top post apocalyptic heavy metal theme? Gorillaz style character designs? Twilight Sparkle saying Optimus Prime (close enough)? TRANSFORMERS!

I’m a sucker for all these references. I wish this series was rebooted into this animation. Good work, TTG crew.

How did they get away with all those references?

“Titans! Roll out!”