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Falling For You (literally)

This can be a stand alone but it’s also Close As Strangers Pt. 2/???

Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!reader 

Summary: Peter plans on proving you wrong by showing you that he knows how to have fun.

A/N: Hope you enjoy!! 

 Close As Strangers Pt. 1/?

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As promised, Peter came over Sunday afternoon to help you with your homework. He said it’ll be quicker with him there, but whenever you two study together it always takes you an hour more to get things done. But then again who were you to complain about spending time with your best friend.

“Are we done yet?” Peter said poking your side. “Almost!” you said not taking your eyes away from my paper. “You said that 15 minutes ago, it’s nearly 4, how are we going to get anything done today?” “I promise we’ll be out doing whatever you have planned in a few minutes, I just need to write this last theorem down.” “Okay, whatever. You’re no fun.”

You finished the last few sentences of your homework and you turned over to Peter who was already on his feet walking around your room in circles. “Parker, let’s go” “Finally.” Peter said with an annoyed tone in his voice. you slapped his arm for that and he gasped in defense. “What was that for?” “That was for you whining, my presence should be compensation enough for the time you spent waiting on me doing homework.” you said laughing. “Wow, you are your father’s daughter.” “Mhmm”

As you were exiting the building, you were starting to get curious as to what Peter’s idea of an adventure really was and what he was getting you into. “So what are we doing today?”  “It’s a secret…” Peter looked so proud about his secret plans that it intrigued you even more. “Can you at least give me a clue?” You instantly felt like a kid who wanted to know what their parents got them for Christmas. “Nope. I promise we’ll have a good time though.” “Okay, whatever, just don’t get me killed.”

You both  started walking through the streets of New York which felt pretty aimless, but then Peter stopped and it took you a second to stop walking and come back to him.“We’re here!” Peter said pointing to the old and abandoned looking building to our right. “What do you mean we’re here?” “You’ll see!” Peter grabbed a hold of your wrist and dragged you into the building. “This is it. We’re going to die.” You said to yourself.

Peter’s hands moved down from your wrist and into your hands. Peter’s hand holding yours just felt so natural. The way he rubs his thumb on the back of your hand to comfort you when you squeeze his hand tighter. All these little things just drove you insane. You wanted to be able to hold Peter’s hand like this not just as a friend anymore. You wanted something more but you were scared of jeopardizing your friendship with Peter. You were scared of losing him altogether if you told him about how you actually felt.

You snapped back into reality when Peter opened a door for you. It was dark but you were also suddenly surrounded by neon strobe lights and blaring 80’s music. “Peter where the fuck are we?” “We’re at an 80’s themed roller skating rink!!” “Oh my god” “C’mon I have our roller skates reserved and everything.” Once you got your skates on, Peter dragged you onto the rink and started dancing. You couldn’t help but laugh at how dorky he was.  

“Y/N start moving those hips! We came here to dance and to skate and right now you’re doing neither.” Peter started pulling you around but you held onto the side rail for dear life. “No Pete-” “Come on!” “Peter I can’t skate I’ll trip” “No you won’t, you have me” “Okay… but if I fall it’s your fault” “Of course it will be”

Peter was skating backwards and he was pulling me forward. I was clinging on to his arms like my life depended on him. “Who would’ve thought roller skates would ever slow you down?” Peter asked trying to spin me around and ultimately failing. “Uhh I don’t know. I can still beat you up anytime as long as I don’t have these skates on my feet.” “Mhmm, I know you can, but you’re poor dance skills and lack of balance will be your downfall” “Tell me about it”

You thought you were getting the hang of it and you started to dance a little bit, and you started to loosen your grip on Peter’s arm. You finally got enough courage to let go of Peter and you were surprisingly okay. You were getting ahead of him and you stopped a few times to see if he was behind you. All he had to say was “Don’t wait up for me if you’re enjoying yourself”. You’re moving forward and you started getting faster when all of a sudden you tripped over your own legs and you fell face first to the ground.

“Y/N! Are you okay??” “I’m fine, I’ve been through worse” you just laughed your pain off. Peter ran to your side and immediately got you out of the rink. You didn’t really hit your head on the ground but you arm did suffer. You looked at your arm and it had been scraped and it was already starting to bruise.

“Oh my god, this is my fault Y/N.” “Pete-” “No, I knew you didn’t like skating and I still forced you” “Peter…” “And now you’re hurt because of me, oh my god what is your father going to say.” “Peter!” You were now holding his face and making him look at you. “I’m really okay, Peter. I just fell and got scratched up. Now I have souvenir from today.” you said pointing at your arm. “”Did you really enjoy?” “I did, anything we do together I’m for sure going to enjoy.” you said smiling at him reassuringly.

“Okay but I have one more surprise…” “Another secret plan? I thought this was the main event” ‘Yeah but  we were going to do it anyway but now it’s more of a making it up to my best friend for almost killing her surprise.” 

“Okay, whatever you say Parker, I’m all yours.”


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