80's pumps

Work That Body (Bruce)

Requested by an anon

Summary: Batmom(Reader) walks in on Bruce working out.

Warning(s): Very Slight NSFW, Fluff!!

Grumbling and rather annoyed, you wandered around trying to find Bruce, the jar with the too-tight-lid grasped firmly in your hand as you looked in the batcave. When your search proved fruitless, you huffed. Where was he when you really needed him?

In route to his study, that by some miracle chance he was working on Wayne Enterprises paperwork, you stopped dead in your tracks when you heard the music. A smirk crept onto your face and you headed towards the home gym. Workout sessions were one of the few occasions that prompted Bruce to listen to music at full blast, and the clash a 80’s pump-up one-hit-wonders always meant a good time - mainly for your eyes.

The sight through the glass door to the gym affirmed your suspicions. There was Bruce, with his back to you, punching and kicking the bag as if his life depended on it - and one night it might. A wave of excitement rushed over you at the sight and you didn’t waste time to open the door. Mindlessly, you set the jar down on a rack of weights and found a machine that would double as a chair. The grunts and yells Bruce exerted could just be heard over the music and they definitely helped the blush that began to spread across your face. What didn’t help was that Bruce always had the heat turned up in the gym - apparently more sweat meant a better workout to him.

And sweaty was he! It was obvious that sweat was running off of him like a stream, his shirt drenched and already discarded on the floor - a detail you barely noticed. Just watching, beads of sweat began to form on your own brow, getting you all hot and bothered, as you pulled your bottom lip between your teeth. Suddenly he stopped and you held your breath, wondering if you had been found out, but the music had drowned out your entrance and Bruce was too focused on his workout. He stretched his upper torso, resulting in his muscles flexing and you swooning more before he grabbed the water bottle nearby and squirted the clear liquid into his mouth, his arm almost purposely flexing as he wiped the sweat from his forehead.

“Enjoying the show?” He called out with a cocky tone of voice, locking eyes with you through the mirror, making you jump slightly and stiffen, damn it, you had been found out.

“When don’t I?” You retorted with a chuckle and shouted over the music, smiling when a grin spread across his face.

Bruce turned the music down before turning to face you and wiped the back of his neck with a towel, making his way over to where you still sat on the machine. You looked up slowly, taking in every ridge and slab of toned muscle on your way up to meet his eyes. Both of your faces were flushed, although for two very different reasons. The smile that you fell in love with greeted you before his head dipped down to capture your lips in a passionate kiss.

“Ack, you’re all sweaty!!” You complained, pulling away after kissing him back and wiped his sweat off of your lip while scrunching your face.

He chuckled, shaking his head, pulling you up to meet his body, completely engulfing you in his sweat just to spite. Giving in to him all too easily, you slid your arms around his naked torso, hands creeping up his back lovingly. A smirk crept across your face before you looked up at him and questioned slyly , “Shower time?”

“Mmm, shower time.” He nodded affirmatively and plucked you from the ground, slugging you over his shoulder with an excited squeal from you as he headed to the gym shower near the entrance.

Bruce stopped momentarily and you groaned at him prolonging the much anticipated shower. “Is this yours?”

In his hand he held the jar of fruit you had so very long forgotten about. “Oh, uh, haha, yeah, that’s… that’s mine alright,” A not so convincing nor innocent smile on your face.

“Lid’s too tight?” He questioned plainly, already seeing through you as he placed it back on the weights.

“Lid’s too tight,” you repeated affirmatively from your place bent over his shoulder as he chuckled and continued into the shower room.


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