80's pop music

ID #37173

Name: Aislinn (sometimes i’ll go by Jake if i’m feeling masculine, or Ax if i’m feeling androgynous)
Age: 19
Country: the united states (i hate it, but i can’t really move)

i like to consider myself a kind person, maybe a bit rough around the edges, but still kind. I absolutely love music in all forms and genre’s (i mean that, i can be listening to classic violin pieces, and then switch over to Panic! at the Disco, then 80’s pop music. i like ALL MUSIC) The big reason i’m looking for a pen pal is, well, to take the edge off of my loneliness, and maybe feel like less of a weirdo for not having a lot of friends; try to expand my worldview while i’m at it, ya know? i do watch a lot of cartoons, and am SUPER into art in all it’s forms, and i’ll probably talk your ear off about art and color and shapes if you let me (synesthesia is a really fun thing to have sometimes) and i am the type of person who will answer literally any question you have for me; and if you thing i’m lying, just ask me at around 3 AM pacific time, and you will get a straight, possibly unintelligible, answer. i’m really interested in psychology and how the mind works (INFP) and if there’s a fandom, i’m probably in it, and will nerd out with you. i’m also an activist, and i will not put up with someone’s shit, but that might be my upbringing talking. (i’m definitely an activist, tho. i feel Very Strongly about a lot of things) Also: i am a walking contradiction, it’s not my fault, my brain is a douchecanoe, and i went through Some Shit. i am an open book to all, feel free to ask.

Preferences: i’m fine with whoever really, i love having conversations with people that have wildly differing opinions, just no one below 12, i don’t want to feel like a creeper.