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So i don't think i've seen you do this (i might be wrong so if I am, feel free to delete this lol) but headcanons of the paladins + reader as their best friend? (i haven't seen much non-romantic stuff for the paladins and. i crave it.) (also love your blog!!!)

I haven’t done this yet, so thanks for asking!! <3 I agree, there should be more platonic paladin x reader stuff! (these hcs include your bff memes)


  • you guys are workout buddies! you always go to the gym or on runs together
    • you hate working out/training tbh but he makes it fun and more bearable
  • when you guys can’t sleep you’ll text each other links to awful 80′s music videos and memes (which is often bc shiro never sleeps)
    • you send him this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrUN7mBonK0 all the time and he HATES IT but never fucking recognizes the link so he always sees it
    • “Massive Combing Robo” becomes your inside-joke with him and no one else understands it (see link above to understand)
  • loves giving u piggyback rides


  • you guys marathon 80′s mecha/fighting anime together no matter how fucking terrible they are
    • some shows include Star Blazers, Battle of the Planets, Combattler V/Combattra, Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troppers (lots of generic shogun anime tbh)
  • your favorite inside joke/meme with them is when you say shows that clearly aren’t anime are good anime
    • Pidge: “Blues Clues is clearly the best anime, it was voted #1 in Japan in 1999.”
    • You: “Um, ex-fucking-cuse me, Cory in the House is the best anime in history because it stays true to the manga.”
    • Pidge: “Please, everyone knows that even Johnny Test is better than that.”


  • every time you guys go to a new planet for stuff y’all need, you both go out of our way to find the weirdest “souvenir” possible
    • hunk likes to bring you weirdly shaped rocks and you love them
    • nothing you find can ever beat his weirdly shaped rocks
  • LOVES making super overly-complicated handshakes
    • similarly, likes making you do those weird patty cake games everyone knows from elementary school as a “good luck” thingy before missions (ex: “lemonade *clap clap clap* ice tea *clap clap clap* coca cola *clap clap clap* pepsi *clap clap clap*)
  • loves cuddling (platonically; tbh he cuddles with everyone but he loves cuddling with u the most!!! bc ur his bff)


  • You train together but you never get far bc u always bring up some awful memes/jokes that makes Keith lose focus and die laughing
  • can’t sleep? you’re ‘bout to send Keith about 10 new “We Are Number One” remixes
    • in response he sends memes of people getting slapped to the beat of “holla back girl” or the gamecube start-up animation followed by someone getting fucking punched
  • you made friendship bracelets for the two of you
    • Keith: “I’m not much of a jewelry person.”
    • You: “that’s fine, you don’t have to wear it-”
    • Keith: “no stfu I’m wearing it everyday for the rest of my life”
    • he wears it all the time he literally WILL NOT take it off, it’s super frayed and damaged but it shows he really treasures it


  • whenever you ride in his lion w/ him he tries to sing the thomas the tank engine theme
  • you created a secret handshake that involves a LOT of dabbing
  • you guys watch a lot of monster factory and game grumps together (you’d think Pidge would like them the most…but ur wrong…IT’S LANCE HE’S THE SECRET GAME MEMER)
  • you guys cry a lot together. just. crying.
💜 Lots MORE sisterhood social ideas! 💜

Q: What are some sober sisterhood events that a chapter could do? I really want to run for sisterhood chair. I’ve noticed a lot of organizations have their moms come up for a day and I like that idea!  

A: I have several posts that will give you lots of inspiration for SISTERHOOD SOCIALS ~ all alcohol free events: 

Fun “girls night in” chapter party ideas!

Creative “2-hour” sisterhood events!

Top 10 indoor sober socials!

Retreat ideas, also good for sisterhood socials!

💜   MORE Sisterhood Social Ideas: 💜 

  • Mom’s weekend: or Mom’s Day with a craft (like painting matching canvases), luncheon, tea, or special meal. 
  • Dad’s weekend: or Dad’s day with dad/daughter sporty event and special meal. 
  • Holiday themed events: visiting the pumpkin patch, apple picking, ornament decorating, making valentines, Easter egg hunt, etc… 
  • Food pair parties: Milk & Cookies, Burgers & Fries, Eggs & Bacon, Chicken & Waffles, Tea & Cookies, Soup & Salad, Chip & Dip, Cake & Ice Cream, Fish & Chips, Hot Dogs & Apple Pie, Spaghetti & Meatballs, Mac & Cheese, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Cheese & Crackers, Fruits & Nuts, Peaches & Cream.
  • Exercise experience: indoor cycling, hip-hop/funk dancing, boot camp workout, booty barre class, zen or power yoga, indoor paddle board class, latin dancing, kickboxing, Zumba workout, indoor rock climbing, outdoor hiking, ultimate Frisbee. 
  • Game show adaptations: “Minute to Win It” is perfect for fun & team building. “Family Feud” for big/little families, “Jeopardy” and “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” can also be used for a sisterhood social. Theme the questions to your greek community. 
  • Messy fun: paint slip & slide, water balloon slip & slide, powder/dry paint party, foam party, jello tug-o-war, giant bubbles, no-hands pie eating contest, splatter paint, water pistol wars, paint ball, laser tag.
  • Artsy socials: make jewelry, sculpt pottery, paint canvases, decorate cakes, build-a-bear, paint tee shirts, shoot photographs, make magazine picture colleges. 
  • Binge on: Disney movie marathon, craziest YouTube videos, childhood board games, TV show binge viewing, karaoke, poker tournament, 80’s movie marathon. 
  • Random fun sisterhoods: fly kites together on the beach, host a puzzle marathon, short story/poetry writing night, rent canoes or paddle boats for a day at the lake, make a chapter time capsule, go horseback riding, go to a water park, play mini golf, ride go-carts, go ice skating or sledding, make a music video, go camping and roast marshmallows, go fishing, take a group cooking class, visit local tourist attractions, attend an annual festival/carnival/convention, slumber party, take creative outdoor chapter portraits. 
In His Arms (Cameron Dallas) Part 7

Please read: Hey y'all! Sorry I haven’t updated the story in a while. I’ve had a lot of family drama the past week and it’s kind of taken it’s toll on me. I really hope you like this chapter, I’ve been working on it all night and after I post this part, I’m going to continue writing while I can, so hopefully Part 8 will be up soon too. Please message me if you have any comments, criticisms, or you just want to talk. I love all of you guys so much, it seriously makes my day to hear from you. 

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The next day, Cameron and I were sitting in the laundry room folding clothes, scratch that, I was folding clothes and he was goofing off trying to distract me. When we got back to Cam’s the day before, Cameron set up an alternating Disney/80’s movie marathon. It was beautiful. Hence the reason I couldn’t get too frustrated with him.

“Oh my god, I love these.” Cam said as he picked up the box of fabric softener sheets

“You are so strange.”

“Seriously, there is no better smell than these things. Just putting that out there.”

“It’s a good thing you’re so easily entertained.” I said as I folded the last of his shirts and put it in the basket to take upstairs.

Cameron stood up and hobbled over to where I was sitting on top of the dryer, separating my knees so he could stand in between them. “I can think of better ways to keep us both entertained.”

I couldn’t help but smile as he leaned forward and placed his lips firmly against mine. This action pretty much summed up what had been going on for the past two days. We would be doing some sort of mundane act, like doing the dishes or watching a movie and he would find some excuse to kiss me. I suppose that’s how most relationships start out, I definitely wasn’t complaining though.

When we pulled away, I looked at my laundry sitting next to his and sighed.

“Ugh, I can’t wait for the day when it’s socially acceptable to walk around in a t-shirt and underwear.”

“You definitely won’t hear any complaints from me.” He said with a wink.

“Hush, I have to go shopping before we go to Chicago.” I said, a little agitated.

Cameron looked at me confused, “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

I nodded, “I hate shopping, if I could have someone do it for me I would.”

He made a face and said, “Sometimes I question whether or not you’re female.”

“I’m assuming this occurs around the same time you question your sexuality.” I teased. “I knew the fans that ship Cash weren’t too far off.”

“Shut up.” he said playfully nudging my shoulder before he helped me down from the dryer. I inwardly gave myself a pat on the back, it was rare that I said something that Cameron didn’t have a snarky remark to.

“Go get your shoes on and we’ll head to the strip mall.” he said after we made it upstairs with the laundry.

“You don’t have to come with me, I’m usually pretty quick when it comes to shopping.”

“I want to though, I’m getting a serious case of cabin fever.” he said.

“Sorry, I know I freaked out yesterday. I just-“

Cam cut me off, “Don’t ever apologize for or feel like you have to justify stuff like that, I understand.”

I nodded and we left it at that. At that point, I knew he was just trying to help, but I couldn’t help but think that eventually he would find my pessimistic attitude toward myself to be an annoyance.

When we got to the mall, I realized how much I regretted not packing winter clothes when I left Pensacola. There was no way I could have known I was going to have to stay, but considering California pretty much has one season year round, it was difficult to find anything I could wear in Chicago.

Cameron didn’t seem to mind nearly as much as I did. In fact, by the time we made it out of the third shop, he already had four bags full of clothes which heavily contrasted with my small bag with some earrings.

“This is some serious gender reverse bullshit right here,” I teased, “Do you need me to hold your purse?”

“You’re just jealous.” Cam said as he made his best attempt at a prissy walk with his crutch.

I laughed and shook my head as we made our way into, what would hopefully be the last shop. I gave a sigh of relief when I saw that this place actually had some winter apparel. After I had already picked out some long sleeve shirts and pants, I was sitting outside of Cameron’s dressing room checking my phone. This was not at all how this situation was supposed to work.

“Ooh! Vine idea!” I said knocking on the door to his dressing room.

“What is it?” he asked. I quickly explained it to him and he laughed, “We’re doing it.”

With the caption, “Expectation of going shopping with a guy, versus the reality. #meangirls” we filmed a shot of him sitting in the chair outside the dressing room looking annoyed as he checked his phone with me in the background saying “Do these jeans make my butt look big?”

And for the second part we set up my phone in the dressing room, so the video showed me trying to zip Cam up in a dress.

“It won’t close.” I said.

“It’s a five!”

The Vine by itself was funny, but what happened the first time we tried to shoot it was hilarious. As I tried to pull the zipper up, it broke.

“Did you just break the zipper?” he asked.

“Psh, more like did you just break it.”

“I told you not to make me pancakes, woman!” He teased.

Needless to say, we uploaded the blooper to Cam’s account.

I had just finished paying for all of my stuff when Cameron came up to me a dress in his hand.

“You need to try this on.” he said handing to me.

“There is no way I would ever wear this, it’s too form fitting.” I said as I held it out to get a good look. It was grey with a scooped neck both in the front and in the back and short sleeves. I was also pretty positive it would just barely reach mid-thigh.

“Yeah, that’s kind of the point. Just try it.”

I rolled my eyes as I turned to the dressing room, “Fine, but I’m not buying it.”

He grabbed my shoulders and said just quiet enough for me to hear, “If it looks as good as I think it will, I’ll buy it.”

I shook my head as he followed me through the door, “Well you’ll be the one wearing it.”

I started to unzip my shorts, when I realized that when Cam closed the door he wasn’t outside of it. “Hey now, this isn’t a peep show. Out.”

“D’aww, you suck the fun out of everything.”

I opened the door for him, and pointed outside.

“Funsucker. I’m serious.” He said as he made his way out.

I quickly pulled on the dress, ready to get out of this goddamn store. However, when I zipped it up and looked at myself in the mirror I was a little shocked. I had never thought to try on a dress like the one he picked out for me because I didn’t think I could pull it off. Oddly enough, that wasn’t the case, I actually looked okay. My only qualm was that it was really short and I was sure that I would use that fact to keep myself from buying it.

“Come on. I wanna see it.” Cam pressed from outside the door.

“It’s too short.”

“I don’t care, just let me see.”

I let out the breath I had been holding in as I slowly opened the door. At first I just poked my head out, but with Cam’s insistence I opened it fully.

“You’re getting it. There’s no fighting it.” he said as he looked me up and down.

“No, it’s too short.”

“It’s not too short, you’re just not used to wearing stuff like it.”

I shook my head and closed the door, “I’m still not getting it.”

Quickly pulling the dress off, I let it fall to the ground only to have Cameron reach under the door and grab it.

I stuck my head out the door, “Don’t you dare.”

Cameron smirked, “I’d love to see you come out here and stop me.” He only laughed as I continued to look at him, not able to come up with a quick remark. Whatever, it’s his money.

He had just finished paying for all of his stuff, which included the dress, when I made my way back to the register. We walked back to his vehicle in silence. When we got inside, Cam asked, “You’re not really upset are you?”

I shook my head and smiled as I started the SUV, “No, just thinking about the stuff I need to do before we go to dinner. You said you wanted to be there around 7 right?”

He nodded, and quickly pressed his lips to my cheek. “Yeah, I really think you’ll like this place.”

“I’m sure I will.”

When we got back to the house, I quickly put away all the clothes I had bought and hopped into the shower. It was 5:30 by the time we got back and I had to rush to get ready. I didn’t even have time to wash my hair, so when I got out of the shower I straightened it and braided two parts so it wrapped around my head and met in the back.

I walked into Sierra’s room where my clothes were and saw that Cam had laid out one of my dresses. I shook my head as found some underwear and got dressed.

I had just finished putting on my perfume when Cameron knocked on the door, “You decent?”

“Yeah,” I said, as I walked into the bathroom to pull my shoes on. “But that’s only because you’ve decided to dress me.”

I heard Cam walk into Sierra’s room, “Doesn’t sound like you’re complain- Holy shit, I forgot how long your hair was.”

Laughing as I walked back into the room, I said, “You are so easily distracted, I swear you need to be on medication.”

I got a good look at him as I stood in by the bathroom door, he was wearing khaki shorts, a short sleeve button up, and Rainbow flip flops, which I assume is California semi-casual.

He stood up walked over to me and his hands went straight into my hair, “Sorry, I just forget sometimes because you usually just leave it curly.” He quickly continued, “Not that I don’t like it that way.”

I smiled and got on my tip toes, placing a tender kiss to his lips. When he pulled away, he put his lips to my collarbone which was exposed by the dress.

“What I said earlier about there being no better smell than dryer sheets, I lied.” He said quietly before placing a kiss to my temple.

I blushed and pulled away as I made my way to the door, “Like I said, you need to be on medication.”

Cam groaned and followed closely behind, “I have never met a girl that refuses to take a complement.”

I simply shrugged as we made it to the front door, “Come on, I don’t wanna be late.”

We were about half way to the restaurant when I got a call from Matt.

Hey, little brother! How’s it going with Dawson?

Matt was quiet for a second, God, you sure do get straight to the point. I could hear him laughing through the phone.

Now, you’re the one who called me, don’t change the subject.

Haha, it’s good, we’ve kind of been talking non-stop since I texted her yesterday.

Oh my gosh, I’m so excited for you! Next time we’re all in Cali we have to hang out so I can tease you mercilessly and make her doubt her feelings.

You would, Aly.

Oh whatever. What day are you landing in Chi town?

Not til Friday night, sadly, I have some school stuff.

I sighed dramatically, High school, to say I miss it would be a lie. Matt laughed on the the other end of the phone. So is it just going to be you and your Dad this time?

No my sister, Alexis is coming too. She’s been acting a little off lately and Dad and I thought it would be a good idea to get her out of the house.

D’aww, I love her she’s so sweet. What do you mean she’s been acting a little off?

I dunno how to explain it, she’s just been kind of distant.

Alexis and I had hit it off when we first met, despite the age difference. She was a really sweet girl and I had noticed her behavior when I last saw her a few weeks before in DC. She reminded me a lot of myself when I was younger and dealing with some pretty hard shit. I hadn’t told Matt that, but I made a mental note to have a serious talk with her when we were in Chicago.

Yeah, well tell her that she and I are going to hang out when we all get there.

Will do.  I looked to Cameron who was smiling in the front seat next to me, obviously listening in on mine and Matt’s conversation.

Alright, doll. Cam and I are about to go eat dinner, so I’ll talk to you before we head to the airport tomorrow. Love you.

Love you, too. Have fun.

I pressed end and Cam took my phone and placed it back in my bag. Despite the whole ‘constant need to be touching’ part of whatever was going on between us, it was funny how relaxed we were about everything else. I suppose that was a benefit of being friends with the person you were dating, I just hoped we wouldn’t find out the disadvantages.

“Turn left at this light.” he said, sitting up in the passenger seat. As I pulled into the parking lot Cam said, “I’m so proud, you’re getting used to California traffic.”

I quickly slammed on breaks as some guy started backing out of his spot without checking to see if someone was driving behind him.

“Spoke too soon?” Cam asked, a small smile on his lips.

“Yep.” I said quickly, just then realizing that Cameron’s arm was draped in front of my torso. I inwardly (and probably outwardly) smiled at that.

We made our way into the restaurant unscathed, and stood at the hostess’ podium waiting to be seated when a man dressed in shorts and a Columbia fishing shirt with the restaurant’s logo on it made his way over to us.

“Cam!” The man said, placing one hand on Cameron’s shoulder and the other moving to shake his hand. “How’ve you been? I haven’t seen you in a while.”

Cam smiled, “I’ve been great Danny, just busy with all the touring stuff.”

The man laughed before his gaze fell upon me, “I can see that, and who is the beautiful young lady?”

“My bad, this is my girlfriend Alyson. I told you about her on the phone.”

“One second, let me get someone to take her to your table.”

When Danny walked away I spoke just loud enough for Cam to hear, “Girlfriend, huh?”

He looked at me a little confused, “You are, right?”

I smiled and kissed his cheek, “Yeah, I just like the way it sounds.”

Cameron smiled back at me as Danny made his way back over to us.

“She’s just as gorgeous as you said. Hey darlin’, I’m Danny.” he said, as he took my hand and kissed it in attempt to be a gentleman.

I laughed. “Hey Danny. Now be straight with me, did he really say that or are you just a natural wing-man?” I teased.

“Would you believe me if I said both?”

“Probably not.” I continued.

Danny laughed heartily, “Baby, I like you. Cam, you better keep this one. I approve.” I laughed as Cam pulled me a little closer. “Alright, Holly here is going to take you to your table, Aly. I need to talk to Cameron for a minute if you don’t mind.”

I looked at them a little skeptically, but nodded and followed the hostess to our table. By the looks of things, that night was going to be an Open Mic Night at the restaurant. I always loved going to those things, I dunno why Cam was worried I might not like it. My eyes were scanning the menu when Cameron finally made his way to our table.

“Hey, sorry. Danny, loves to talk everyone’s ear off.” he said as he sat down across from me.

I smiled as I looked up from the menu, “Haha, you were only gone for a few minutes. Come to St. Joe and let me take you out, then you’ll find out what having your ear talked off really means.”

“I plan on it.” He said as the waitress stopped in front of our table.

“Shirley Temples, a little dirty complements from the boss man. Are y’all ready to order?” she asked looking to me first.

“Yeah, can I get the shrimp po’boy?”

She nodded and looked at Cam who replied, “Same thing.” without taking his eyes off of me.

There were a few performances while we ate, all of which were excellent and we decided to stay for a while after, mainly because the last performer was some sort of surprise guest.

“Who’s playing?” I kept asking Cameron, who merely shook his head.

“It’s a secret, can’t tell you.”

I was getting antsy as the second to last person came on. He did a rendition of Say Something by A Great Big World, which could never rival Shawn’s but to be perfectly honest I thought Shawn did it better than the original band.

Danny made his way to the mic, and spoke excitedly into the mic, “Everyone having a good time?”

After everyone clapped he continued, “Well for our last performance, I have a surprise for you guys, and frankly it’s a surprise to her too.”  When a guy brought out a guitar that looked way too similar to mine, I shot a look to Cam.

“No you didn’t.” I said and he just smiled.

“Oh yes, he did. Come on, Aly. You’re up.” Danny said as he held my guitar.

My face went beet red as the spotlight found me, I could not believe Cam did this.

“I’m going to kill you.” I stated as I got out of my chair and made my way to the stage. The restaurant was packed, and my heart was beating out of my chest as I made my way on to the stage. Danny handed me my guitar, and leaned down to whisper in my ear, “You’re gonna be great.”

I sat down on the stool behind the mic and adjusted it, “I apologize for how red my face is right now, this is as much a surprise to me as it is for you guys.” The crowd laughed and I took that as a good sign. “I didn’t have a song prepared so I’m just going to play the first one that comes to mind.”

The thought of my grandma immediately popped into my head, so I decided to play her song.

I heard there was a secret chord, David played and it pleased the Lord. But you don’t really care for music do you.”

Surprisingly, the pressure of having to play in front of the restaurant on the spot made it so I didn’t mess up once. That, and the thought playing the song for my grandma made it much easier than I had expected. However, there were tears in my eyes as I finished.

The crowd erupted into cheers as they applauded, some of them even standing, to which I simply smiled. It may have been the fact that I was on stage, but the applause did seem a lot louder than it had after all the other performers. I took my guitar back to the table with me, hearing Danny speaking into the mic behind me, but not actually understanding what he said.

Cam had paid the bill while I was on stage and was standing beside our table when I got there. “So are you going to kill me when we go outside?”

I laughed, not able to keep the smile off my face as I shook my head.

“Good, because there are a few fans here right now and I really want to kiss you.” he said, causing the redness in my cheeks to intensify.

Luckily, we had parked in a pretty discreet corner of the parking lot. Otherwise it would have been extremely obvious to an outside party when Cam firmly pushed me against the vehicle and pressed his lips urgently to mine. I responded with just as much eagerness, my heart beating a million miles a minute.

I was still high after performing and the feeling of Cam’s body pressed against mine and his fingers buried in my hair only increased it.  

When he pulled away, Cameron kept his face close to mine. “You were fucking incredible, I knew you would be.”

I smiled, “I still can’t believe you did that.” He rolled his eyes, but I put my hands in his hair to get him to look at me. “But I’m so glad you did. Thank you.”

Cam smirked, proud of himself before saying, “Come on, let’s get home so we can continue this in private.” I laughed and shook my head as we got into the vehicle. If you’ve ever read The Perks of Being a Wallflower, you’ll understand why the quote, “And in that moment, we were infinite” ran through my mind, because that was exactly how I felt. 


“Whatever happened to chivalry? Does it only exist in 80’s movies? ” -Olive Penderghast; Easy A (2010)

Been on the 80’s movie marathon for quite a month now and I really love it. It made me realize how simple and charming things can be, you know, with a little music, hope and confidence on oneself, it can all be a happy-ever- after, even just for a little while.