80's headphones


First photoset from the bookfair!

I cosplayed Cecil from Welcome to Nightvale on friday with the lovely Aby as my perfect Carlos. <3

The costume itself is a funny asortment of things - while the pants are selfmade, the shirt is from the 80’s, my headphones from the 60’s, my glasses from the 20’s, the earing a gift from a friend, the Vincent van Gogh socks from a taobao store and the tie is from a second hand store down the street - I had a LOT of fun putting all this together. :D

I’m just a bit sad that I couldn’t put on the tatoos (the tatoo foil needs some days to wash of and my saturday cosplay was short sleeved). And I still a need a cool vintage looking microphone or a small recorder.


Perfect Carlos: abessinier

Cecil: gameofneedles

Photos & Editing: bonesonmyface and her brother (thank you so much you two!)



Bonus picture because high differences are hilarious :D

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