80's hair rock


Joan Jett - Do You Wanna Touch Me ( Oh Yeah ) 1984

I’ve posted the WIP earlier but here is the finished (i.e. I can’t look at this any longer.) piece. This is the Anakin from @writegowrite‘s beautiful story Coda. 


Warrant - Down Boys (1989)


Billy Idol - White Wedding ( 1982 )

This past weekend we were at the Saints & Sinners Whitesnake Tribute and Rock And Roll Over KISS Tribute. Perfect lineup for each of us to wear our Battle Vests. Photo credit goes to Gregg Gannon.

Doesn’t matter what your musical taste or how your vest looks, wear your creation with pride to show everyone else what they want but can’t have!! 🤘🚨⚡️🔥🎸

Hot & Handsome @death-is-only-everlasting tagged me to post a selfie. (Thank you!✨)
So, it’s a nice opportunity to torture you all with my pics again. :D
Here I’m trying to correspond to the style of the charachters of Miami Vice and my favourite melodic rock/AOR musicians from the 80’s.🌴🌃🌌