80's goddess

[ N I K E ]




April Jeanette Mendez, born March 19, 1987 (age 30) in Union City, New Jersey, United States.

Happy birthday to the person who taught me to be myself no matter what. She showed us that no matter where are you from, how much do you weight, how tall you are, you can accomplish your dreams if you fight for them and never give up. Thank you for inspire me everyday, April.


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I made some older anime-themed valentine cards you can print out and share with someone you love or your anime-loving friends. Click on each image to view it better at full size and to save it, or you can download the entire sheet to print all of them at once here. Enjoy & have a fun Valentine’s day (I’ve filled today’s queue with Valentine’s-ish posts today, too, so look forward to that later today!)

swallow the nebluas and print the stars
against your skin. inhale those dusty clouds
that fill the night sky, and attach
them to your lungs. 

call yourself a goddess and
assert yourself in the heavens. clap
your hands and allow that
stardust to fall to the earth, and
we’ll call them something

—- asteria | a.