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GFF 2015: ‘Burroughs: The Movie’ is a reverent portrait of a controversial literary giant

Howard Brookner’s extraordinary portrait of William S. Burroughs was all but lost following its original release in 1983. Now recovered and restored, it offers an intimate insight into the life and work of one of America’s most celebrated and controversial writers. Covering his time spent in New York, Tangier, London and Mexico, from “full out junkie” to literary giant, the documentary is notable for its experimental style and unprecedented access to Burroughs, as well as interviews with his Beat Generationcontemporaries, including Allen Ginsberg, Patti Smith, Herbert Huncke and Bryon Gysin.



Peter Falk being super adorbz in Happy New Year [1987]

‘It passes, but it does not pass away…’
László Krasznahorkai: The Melancholy of Resistance

As Péter Balassa puts it in his analysis of the Werckmeister Harmonies: ‘Tarr, again as a disciple of the old great masters, chose the hard way both in professional and technical respects, since the crowd in his works (is) never fully faceless, not a mere mass. Béla Tarr’s camera always succeeds to highlight a portrait. His art of face and crowd, trained on Rembrandt and Eisenstein, is impersonally personal … the mere act of the slow and detailed presentation of the face preserves, without an exception, the memory of dignity, fallibility