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I went as Joyce Byers from Stranger Things for Halloween :)

I’ve never had such a huge response to a Halloween costume as I did with this one! I was stopped every 2 feet so people could get their photos taken with me lol. I felt like a Disney Princess at the parks :3

I saw a fantastic Eleven and many Barbs at the work party!

katiesghost2  asked:

Why exactly are the 70's and 80's known as Disney's "Dark Ages"?

because the films were often critically not well received  (with the exception of the rescuers) and they didn’t do financially well either. disney’s animation studios department was close to bankruptcy until little mermaid was released. 

pmechanicstudies  asked:

What do you think of the character designs from 'The Black Cauldron'?

The Horned King is a handsome man. It’s weird seeing Disney make a villain so straight up scary. He’s honestly the only thing I tend to remember about the film

The witches are also great <3

The rest of the characters were very stock 60′s-80′s Disney and meh

Dr. Doom: Deal With It  - This was Doom’s great epic LP of 1986.  It had such hits as “Latveria, Latveria, Why Latveria?” and the crowd favorite “Doom Done Did it Again.”  I personally like the album’s namesake, “Deal With It.”  Haha.  I just had to draw this Dr. Doom piece.  I don’t really have any other reason than “just because.”  Though secretly, I’d love to do work for Marvel.

The world is less funny today, Robin Williams who has entertained us with laughter for over 40 years has died. From playing an alien who wanted to know about Earth in Mork and Mindy, to another type of alien escaping the grasp of Communist Russia in Moscow on the Hudson. From playing a grown up Peter Pan in Hook to the hilarious Genie of the Lamp in Aladdin. From playing a dad who went drag in Mrs. Doubtfire to playing a gay dad in The Birdcage. From playing a Private radio DJ in Good Morning Vietnam to a serial killer in Insomnia……….This man had a WIDE range of talent. Roles both good and bad, both made us cry, laugh, think, wonder, astonish, but most of all fun. He was fun. RIP sir. And thank you for making us laugh