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At long last, here’s my newest urban legend/conspiracy theory zine, Polybius!  The Polybius cabinet is a (supposedly) real arcade game/theorized mind control device that appeared briefly in 1981, wreaked havoc and then quickly disappeared.  

I am planning on keeping these conspiracy zines going, so if you guys have a subject you’d like to see discussed in one of these little books in the future feel free to leave me a suggestion!

Did you miss the first zine in the series?  Click here to read all about the Dyatlov Pass Incident!

They Live

Hey Everyone!

Today we are going to review a film that was requested by a drdave20. =)

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‘They Live’

Currently on Flixster/Rotten Tomatoes it is rated fresh 83% (Critics) and 79% (Users)

Nada (Roddy Piper) is a homeless/unemployed drifter who is looking for work in Los Angeles. He comes across a construction zone and offers assistances. 
After the first day of the job, the foreman tells Nada he can’t sleep in the work zone and he will need to find another place to stay until he can get on his feet. 

Overhearing the conversation, a fellow construction worker named Frank (Keith David), tells Nada about this lot of land that is available for the homeless, where food and shelter is provided.

Later that night, there was a group of people watching tv and it appears there is interference on the TV that was playing a guerrilla campaign; warning people to “wake up” and to start realizing what is going on in this world. 

Nada notices a blind priest is mouthing the words exactly from the guerrilla message so he follows him into the neighboring church and notices that it is the central office of the guerrilla campaign. 
He locates multiple boxes that contain sunglasses, he takes a pair and decides to walk throughout the city. 

He is now exposed to the subliminal messages that cannot be seen with the naked eye, and that some people are not what they seem to be…

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Without giving away the entire story.. Let’s move on :) 

Things that I “Could not Even” with this film…

There wasn’t much that bothered me in this film.. maybe the film score, but this movie was also filmed in the late 80′s and that was the style then. 

Ahhhh now that I think about it.. There was one. 


That was her face throughout the entire film.. 

I’m not even joking. 

She must have been one of the first to start the RBF movement. 


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And I’m all outta BUBBLEGUM!

I have always heard that saying and I never knew it was from this movie!  

I loved the extended fight scene where Nada is trying to get Frank to look into the glasses. 

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Maybe he should have just said pretty please with a cherry on top :) 

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I also love how over the top Nada was with his machine gun… 

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Did anyone else notice that “They” used the Ghostbusters PKE Meter?! 

They Live - Below

Ghostbusters - Below

Overall Thoughts

I thought that this movie was pretty excellent!

The conspiracy of the subliminal messages that are hidden within ads, papers and even identified that money is the root of all evil was pretty genius!

This movie would not even need a reboot, because it was film/directed so well to me it would be considered a classic.
-Second note they could overlay the 80′s film score ;) 

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When Chris saw the trailer for the film, he asked if it was Roddy Piper and after a quick IMDB check to confirm it was. 

Sadly, Roddy Piper (Nada) recently passed away on July 30, 2015 at the age of 61. From a Pulmonary Embolism (Blood Clot).

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Thanks for the movie suggestion drdave20! =)

Chris’s Rating :  8.00

Stina’s Rating : 8.00

Suitable for a Date: Yes! If ya’ll both enjoy conspiracy theory movies.
Suitable for Children: No, Children should pass on this film.
Suitable for Girls Night Out: Meh.. There is a shirtless construction scene. 

Share your thoughts…

What did you think of the movie?
What what your favorite scene?

Thanks for reading!

- Stina :)