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Survivor - Is this love? 
I need to prove to myself this is more than a crush
Can you convince me It's not just a physical rush?
The Hand that Flannels (Male Reader X Jared Kleinman)

For that one anon! Sorry it’s not smutty,

WARNING: light making out and some fluff, swearing and drinking.

You placed the empty cup down on the mantle. Fuck this party. The music was terrible and you barely knew anyone; Brooke was the only girl you knew and she’d ditched you for her girlfriend Chloe, but she was also your ride home. You didn’t want to stand in the corner and be miserable so you made the very conscious decision to get drunk as fuck. You were only three beers in and weren’t feeling anything. Glancing around the room you planned your route to grab another drink, but were stopped in your tracks by a figure standing in front of you.

It was Jared. Shit. He was such an asshole. That one kid who very openly laughed when someone got the answer wrong, or who thought his sarcastic comments were the most important part of a conversation. He leaned against the wall, “didn’t think you came to things like this.”

“Didn’t think you got invited to things like this.” You shot back. You think you saw him flinch for half a second but he shrugged it off, “my parents rang the hosts parents so- not that I’m bragging.” He was smirking and you raised your eyebrows, “wow.” Sarcasm dripping from you. He leaned back, “so why you here?” He changed the subject quickly and you both started moving towards the beer, “my friend said she’d stick with me if I came.”

“Where is she?”

“No idea.”

You see him smile a little, “yeah I’ve got no one to talk to either.” You cocked your head to the side and smirked, “you mean constantly correcting people and judging them doesn’t overwhelm you with friends?” You’re tone is a little lighter and playful and you see him relax, “shut up.” There’s a second where you think you might be enjoying his company, “so your plan is what? Get drunk and try to like the people here?” He asked and you nodded, taking a drink and handing it to him before grabbing one for yourself, “pretty much. You?”

“Find someone as miserable looking as me to hang out with until my mom picks me up.”

You choke on your drink as your eyes light up, “your mom?” You repeat and see him duck his head, “look, I don’t have a car what was I meant to do?” He spoke quick and a little aggressively and you out your hand up in surrender, “I was just messing with you… My friend can probably give you a ride home if it means you won’t be beaten up quite so severely by literally anyone who sees you getting in your mothers car.” You try to make it sound casual and he looks up, “yeah. Ok. Thanks… I’ll text my mom.” He brings out his phone and sends a message, looking back at you a little embarrassed.

There’s a moment when you look at him that you swear you can see him blush, but he downs his drink quickly after, so it’s hard to tell. As what feels like the hundredth person pushes past you, you look around- “it’s way too crowded, wanna go outside?” He nods, “god yeah. What about your friend?” You look quickly to seeing Brooke doing body shots off her girlfriend, “yeah I’m sure she’s good.”

You both pushed past the now fully drunk teenagers to let the cool air hit you. It wasn’t exactly cold, but in a t-shirt you could feel yourself shudder. He glanced at you and wordlessly took off his flannel shirt and out it around you, “smooth.” You mutter, nudging him. He rubs the back of his neck, “whatever. Don’t bite the hand that flannels.” You smirk and pull it around you a little closer, grateful as a breeze hit you.

“You’re a lot nicer than you come across.” It was more a subconscious thought, and you’re not entirely sure how it found itself outside your head, but once you said it he let out a loud, bizarre laugh. Like if a bouncy-ball had hiccups in an echoey hall. He grinned, “you too.”

You must look a little offended because he looks panicked, “I just mean- you know, you’re so quiet and you roll your eyes a lot.” You feel yourself biting backs smile, “well you say some obnoxious shit. Someone should be rolling their eyes.” He prods your arm lightly, “I can take that flannel back anytime.” You mimic him, “I’d like to see you try.” He’s smiling, and he’s got a fantastic smile. You can feel yourself staring and you quickly snap your vision away.

Jared looked away too, “I don’t say obnoxious shit.” He chuckled, and you leaned against the door frame, “yes. You do. You said 80’s movies were terrible.”

“And I stand by it.”

“Alright,” you turn to him and pull the flannel tight as another gust come through, “we have to have an 80’s movie night. Breakfast club, Lost Boys, Ferris Bueller, all of them.” He gulped hard and gave a small, shaky smile “are you asking me out on a date?” There’s a heavy mocking sense to his words, but his eyes actually look a little hopeful. You feel your face flush, “get over yourself.” You laugh, now fully unable to make eye contact with him.

Suddenly you feel an arm link into yourself, your heart jumps into your mouth when you think it’s Jared, but you turn and see a wasted Brooke hanging off you, “babe I can’t driiive.” She whines into your ear. Chloe’s behind her, barely standing and supported only by holding Brooke’s waist. You look at her and smile, “looks like we’re walking. You gonna be ok for a few blocks?” You ask and she nods sleepily. You turn back to Jared, “sorry- shit you cancelled your ride and everything.”

He started sauntering beside you, “yeah you’re a total inconvenience. I don’t really have a choice except to walk with you.” You smirk, watching Chloe and Brooke walk a head giggling, “you’re allowed to want to walk home with us.” You whisper, dramatically looking around for whatever spies Jared was convinced were following him, trying to catch him being nice. He shoves you with his shoulder and sighs, “yeah- I mean you did ask me out before.”

You feel that familiar heat rising to your cheeks, “you’re not terrible to be around. The word ‘tolerable’ comes to mind…” You watch him stuff his hands in his pockets and figure you may as well dip your toe in, linking your arm around his, you’re not sure if he’s into guys or not but this is… Excusable right? This is just a friendly gesture, “…so I wouldn’t mind spending some of my free time with you.” You grin and catch him staring at you before he snaps out of it, “wow. Was that Shakespeare?” He laughs

You happily spend the rest of the walk like that. Comfortable jabs at each other intermingled with passive-aggressive compliments. You keep your arm around his for the walk, getting closer to one another so that in the silences you can actually rest your head on his shoulder. You wave Brooke and Chloe into Brooke’s parents house as you walk along together. You mention the movies he’s definitely going to be forced into watching, and he’s distraught that you haven’t seen episodes 1 to 3 of Star Wars, so they too are added to an ever growing list.

Once you reach your house you pause, “how’re you getting home? You just sort of kept walking.” You ask. He shrugs, “I’ll text my mom again, she won’t mind.”

“How long will it take her to get here?” You’re trying to sound casual, with the distinct feeling that you’re failing. He looks at the clock on his phone, “10, 15 minutes?” He shrugged and you looked at your house. You’re parents would be asleep. You shift your weight on you feet and glance at him, “you wanna like… Wait inside?” He looks up; eyes wide, “if that’s ok?” You nod and lead him in and unlocking the door.

He sat down on your sofa and you made your way to the kitchen. You glance in through the door frame,

“Do you want tea?”
“Are you gay?”

You pause, “what?”

“Nothing.” He stutters. You sit beside him and turn to look at his now beetroot face. You nod, “I’m attracted to guys… Is that a problem?”

He shook his head, “no, it’s good- I uh… I'm… That too.” he’s stumbling and can’t even look at you, you fight down a smile, “gay?” You ask and he nods.

Every fibre of you tells you not to- but maybe those beers are effecting you more than you’d like. You watch yourself lean in and kiss him lightly on the lips, cupping the side of his face. He didn’t move and your pretty sure his eyes are still open, but he lets out a small squeak. You pull away, feeling his gaze on you as you turn pink and hold your breath waiting for some sort of sign. You turn completely away and feel anxiety grow in the pit of your stomach, “Jesus I’m sor…” You start, but you can’t finish. He’s kissing you. His slightly chapped lips pressing against yours as the smell of way too strong cologne fills you up. You part your lips slightly and bite his bottom lip and tongues brush against the act other.

You pull him slightly on top of you as he leans in between your knees. You run your hands through his hair as his hands fumble their way up to your shoulders and hold on. You fight back a smile realising quite suddenly he has no real idea what he’s doing. You pull away and kiss the crook of his jaw, trying to be careful not to leave a mark. You hear him whisper your name and you bite a little harder, you never knew you could be actually turned on by a dork like Jared Kleinman. He traces a hand up the back of the thigh if your jeans and you kiss down his neck to his collar bone; sucking lightly until you heard his breath hitch.

“Please…” He whimpers, “I can’t get in my moms car with a boner.” He sounded desperate and you smirk, “I mean maybe don’t talk- about your mom- when I’m kissing your neck.” You speak into his jaw and feel him nod, “right, sorry.” You smile, blushing as you slowly feel blood rushing from your head to your crotch.

He kisses you again, ever so slightly more confident as he holds your hips and pushes back your hair, finding some sort of rhythm in himself that neither of you knew he had. You can feel your shirt riding up as he pushes his hand up your stomach to your chest. You’re blushing heavily as you realise you’ve wanted this for longer than you thought. Actually, you want him to rip your clothes off you right now and pull your legs apart and just start-


You both freeze. He looks behind his shoulder, “was that?”


“Your mom’s car.” You answer, sitting up straight and pull your shirt down; trying to not look so disappointed. He stuffs his hands in his pockets trying to hide a still fairly obvious erection. He gets up slowly, sighing in pain as he stands and you get up to open the door, “see you at class?” You ask. He kisses you quickly, pecking you on the lips, “see you then.” You’re embarrassed to admit you feel your heart flutter.

You watch him climb into the back seat of the car and drive away. You smile to yourself as you close the door, fully aware that during that movie marathon you’d planned, neither of you would be watching any of them.

Netflix Ramblings and 80's movies

Life really starts to blow when you’ve watched every 80’s movie Netflix has to offer!! If you want here are all 80’s(and some 90’s) iconic movies on there, plus some added extra if your into it….

-Dirty Dancing

-Can’t Buy Me Love


-Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

-Say Anything

-St. Elmo’s Fire

-About Last Night

-Pretty in Pink

-My Bodyguard

-The Heathers(what’s your damage?)

Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure

-The Breakfast Club



-Just One of the Guys

-License to Drive

-The Boys Next Door


-Grease 2

-What’s eating Gilbert Grape(90’s)

-La Bamba

And if your feeling up to it this honorable mention or the 90’s:Clueless

2kawai4you  asked:

I LOVED the yoi fics you recommended to us. I was just wondering if you had any others you could recommend? Any smutty ones or fluffy ones or both? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! BTW YOUR ACCOUNT IS AMAZING IT GIVES ME LIFE

Comfort Food by youaremarvelous -Model Viktor makes a pet project of lonely university student Yuuri. I love this anxiety-ridden and sad Yuuri so much. I can’t wait until it updates!

You can’t Plan for Everything by RivDeV - Ok, so I’m not typically an a/b/o fan, but this one really makes me happy. Yuuri’s planning for his upcoming heat and Viktor wants to help. 

Chasing Fate by guyblackhand - another a/b/o fic, but I love the fact that it has a young alpha Yuuri learning how to handle his dominance. 

From Almaty, With Love by boxwineconfessions - Yuri/Otabek. I didn’t think I’d like this ship because Yuri is such a brat, but I really am enjoying the slow burn and how Otabek balances out Yuri’s rage. I was surprised by this one.

San Junipero by novellanouveau - Party boy Viktor picks up Yuuri at an 80′s club for a one night stand. Slow burn after the smuts. Really interesting take on Viktor, and I love RAGING!Yuuri.

We Close At Six by BeAUtiful - Ice rink employee has a crush on the Hot!Daddy with the silver hair and Phichit finds it hysterical. It’s cute and fluffy and gods, I love sugardaddy!Viktor. 

Reviving Old Magic by Miss_Ebony - AU where Yuuri never became an ice skater, so he has no idea who Viktor is when he shows up at the ice rink he works at. Just read this one. You’re welcome.

Thank you so much! I hope you like these Recs as much as the last batch. <3