80's childhood

the outsiders characters staring in ‘Weird Shit my Older Siblings Did’

Ponyboy: Disappearing for about 2 hours at the age of 3, and when being asked where they went, responded with “I was following the faeries”

Soda: Caught by my mom sitting in the car blasting ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ with his friends

Darry: literally became a roofer??? ((lmaooo))

Two-bit: set off firecrackers in the house while babysitting my younger brother and I- nearly KILLING everyone 

Steve: bought an old van and installed racecar driver seats in it so they could roll the van down hills while they were in it and supposedly be safer??

Dally: got picked up by the police so many times that they would just drive my brother to the other side of town and make him walk home on foot instead of going to the station

Johnny: made friends with someone simply bc that person had a pet duck


heyyyyyy, have I ever tell you guys about my idea for a reboot of Friday the 13th in which Jason befriends all the wood’s critter and pretty much becomes a murderous cryptic at Crystal Lake, all that before becoming a kickass zombie of course, I have so many ideas about it!


My 80’s/90’s childhood: Mum telling me to go and play upstairs, Dad putting me in front of the tv with a panda pop. Darcy’s childhood: Sixty billion play dates, adventure days, swimming, softplay, theme parks, picnics, holidays and day trips. I hope she remembers all of this!! Today was outdoor swimming with 7 other tiny friends. I don’t know who’s more tired- me or her!! 👧🏼💖👱🏻‍♀️⭐️ http://ift.tt/2wwHF3n

Film trivia - Stand By Me (1986)

The movie is based on a short story called ‘The Body’ by Stephen King. After director Rob Reiner screened the movie for Stephen King, Reiner noticed that King was visibly shaking and wasn’t speaking. King left the room and upon his return, he told Reiner that the movie was the best adaptation of his work he had ever seen.