80's aged tea


Mod Wit: Oh, hi there, Applejack. I’m afraid Berry Isthmus isn’t here to interact with you right now; she tends to make herself scarce on this blog due to the tomfoolery that goes on around here. Speaking of which, I noticed that she’s been markedly absent of late; I wonder what she’s up to… But I digress.

Berry doesn’t like to talk about her age, even though she keeps it well hidden. Between you and me, it’s not glasses that make her look older; it’s that bun she’s always wearing that make her look like a sullen schoolmistress! Even though Berry and A.J. are both in their thirties, I don’t think Berry would appreciate being compared to a masterless, vagrant samurai. Then again, there’s the issue of the average life expectancy in feudal Ponyville, but who’s counting?