80's actors

Just because you’ve only been alive for fifteen years doesn’t mean you’re less anything except old. That’s all it means. It doesn’t mean you’re less experienced. It doesn’t mean you’re less intelligent. It doesn’t mean you’re less sensitive. It doesn’t mean you take things less seriously. It’s like, these are younger human beings, meaning don’t, because they’re only ten, start thinking that they don’t know what you’re talking about -because they do. Don’t leave people out in the cold, and don’t talk down to people -don’t. It never works out.
—  Judd Nelson
signs as '80s actors

Aries: River Phoenix

Taurus: Matt Dillon

Gemini: Rob Lowe

Cancer: Andrew McCarthy

Leo: Corey Feldman

Virgo: Patrick Swayze

Libra: Johnny Depp

Scorpio: Will Wheaton

Sagittarius: Corey Haim

Capricorn: Anthony Michael Hall

Aquarius: C. Thomas Howell

Pisces: Judd Nelson

  • Me:I wanna marry Michael J. Fox.
  • I wanna marry River Phoenix.
  • I wanna marry Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • I wanna marry Matt Damon.
  • I wanna marry Matthew Broderick.
  • I wanna marry Matt Dillon.
  • I wanna marry Rob Lowe.
  • I wanna marry Tom Cruise.
  • I wanna marry Corey Haim.
  • I wanna marry Michael Schoeffling.
  • I wanna marry Andrew McCarthy.
  • I wanna marry Judd Nelson.
  • I wanna marry Emilio Estevez.
  • I wanna marry Ralph Macchio.
  • I wanna marry C Thomas Howell.
  • I wanna marry Patrick Swayze.
  • I wanna marry Brad Pitt.
  • I wanna marry Johnny Depp.
  • I wanna marry Robert Downey Jr.
  • ....wait........nevermind.......