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160514 Fansign ~ [TRANS/Yoongi]

Question: What is your favorite girl’s outfit?
-cute outfit
-cool outfit
-sexy outfit

Yoongi: *circles them all*

Question: How many kg is Yoongi oppa’s ideal girl weight? I will lose my weight! ㅎㅎㅎ

Yoongi:  80 kg

Question: What is Yoongi oppa’s ideal girl height?

Yoongi: *checks them all*


Vegan Youtube Channels

There is an extremely diverse community of Vegan Youtube Channels.
It’s all about finding the right content for you!

Bite Size Vegan - educational vegan content simplified
VegSource - educational vegan content 
Tim Shieff - vegan athlete, be blown away by his parkor 
Vegan Break - variety of vegan topics and overviews 
Brown Vegan - down to earth approach to family meals 
Vegan Cooking With Love - delicious and familiar recipes
Veggietorials - plant based recipes and how to’s
Happy Healthy Vegan - high carb vegan couple in their 40s
Izzy Davis - high carb vegan teenager
Fully Raw Kristina - long time fully raw lifestyle and recipe videos
Rice and Raw - raw till 4 - 80/10/10 - high carb vegan
40BelowFruity - inspiring raw vegan in canada
VeganVeins - high carb recipes from a college vegan
Kerry McCarpet - educational vegan content 
NaturallyStefanie - Scottish raw till 4 vegan
Mantras and Mangos - raw till 4 - high carb vegan, Australia 
High Carb Hannah - high carb vegan lifestyle
Essena ONeill - vegan nutrition, fitness, and beauty
Eco-Vegan Gal - all things vegan with a focus on the environment
What a Vegan Eats - a sub channel of Eco-Vegan Gal
Jason Wrobel - professional vegan chef
Tastemade - raw vegan not gross recipes
Plant Based Guerilla - educational videos from Australia
Bananiac - vlogs about a variety of vegan topics
Plant Riotic - nutrition and fruitarian bodybuilding
NinaAndRanda - vegan twins, variety of content, musicians 
Light Twins - raw vegan exercise twins 
PlantbasedAthlete - competitive jiu-jitsu athlete 
Vegan Gains - commentary on vegan weight lifting
Freelee the Banana Girl - fruitarian from Australia
DurianRider - fruitarian biker from Australia
Gary Yourofsky - animal liberation activist and public speaker
Farm Sanctuary - educational awareness about farm animals
Whole Future - 80/10/10 diet and exercise
The Raw Boy - raw vegan, advice for people with acne
Bananablondie108 - long time vegan yoga instructor 
Annie Jaffery - vegan beauty guru living in Thailand 
Funeralformyfat - the inspiring weight loss of Sharee Samuels
Vegan Cuts - monthly vegan product subscription service
Kalel Kitten - famous you tuber, ethical vegan.

Feel free to add commentary on what content you consume or message me to request a Vegan channel to be added to the list.

Remember that the content creators that helped you might not have the correct approach for another person - we all have our own paths and reasons for learning about Veganism. 

What’s your Why?

I found out a while ago that if you are looking to commit to something (learning  new language, losing weight, running a marathon), you have to KNOW YOUR WHY. I have to know why you are doing it and never forget that. The second you forget your “why” you lose all of your motivation for why you started in the first place.

So while I am doing Whole30, I want to post my “whys” wen I start to feel like I’m losing motivation.

Whole30 - My “why”

  • to have a healthy relationship with food
  • to show my kids what a healthy relationship with food looks like
  • to raise kids that are healthy and not 30-80 pounds over weight since middle school

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm 5'7" and 105 lbs, my goal weight is 80, how long would it take to get there? And how many calories should I eat a day? I purge and take laxatives as well.

How about quitting the pro-ana shit? You’re already underweight and I did not have to calculate you bmi to know that. Purging will take years of your life. Laxatives don’t work. They. Are. Bullshit.

It’s not my body, so I shouldn’t be saying anything about it, but you asked for my help. And if you looked at my blog, you should have seen that I do. Not. Promote. Eating disorders. Or any pro-ana shit.

Seriously, reconsider what you are doing. I’m getting a shitload of these pro-eating disorder messages everyday. And they are asking me for unhealthy advice. I’m not going to help you lose weight in an unhealthy way, nor am I going to give it to anyone else.

Stay safe and hydrated.


As requested, my meal plan for the next 30 days.

Please note, I have visited a dietician who has, based on my age, height, weight, physical activity + pcos, placed me on a 1400 calorie per day allowance to lose weight.

I also follow a strictly paleo lifestyle, which certainly isn’t for everyone.

I hope to lose at least 5 kgs / 11 lbs each month for the next three months to bring me to my first goal weight of 80 kgs/176 lbs.

I’m currently down 33.5kgs / 73.8lbs.


My first ever crop top!!!

Guys I’m so excited about this!!!! I mean it looks good now, but just wait until I start hitting more of my fitness goals!!!!

Also, Nimmy wouldn’t leave me alone! Haha. She wanted in on the pictures! 😻


Disclaimer: I have scars from a total of 3 stomach surgeries and loose skin from a total 80 lb weight loss. Please don’t be mean my body has been so nice to me and I’ve worked really hard.

Weigh-in #1: Starting weight

Starting weight: 93.1 kg / 205.2 lbs.

So, once again, I’m at my highest weight yet. I’ve gained about 1 kg during the past two months. I weighed myself last on November 31st at 92 kg. One kilo in bit over two months, however disappointing, isn’t that bad. It’s still manageable. 

From today, I’m aiming for 500 to 700 calorie deficit per day by cutting down junk food and binging when I’m stressed. I’ll also try to add 2-3 days of exercise to my weekly routine, on top of the 45 minute walk to school on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. 

I should be nearing my target weight of 80 kg by June, depending how well it goes. At the start I should lose a bit more quickly but I expect it to slow down once I’m down to 85 kg. 

Let’s do this!

crimsonhead submitted:

October 2013 - November 2015

It doesn’t cover my entire weight loss since 2011 but this does mark a turning point in my adult life. I not only went through 80 lbs of weight loss, but my personality is completely utterly different than it ever was.
Key tips? Keep persevering, eat healthy, push yourself at the gym. The old-fashioned way + patience + time = the only true way to long-term weight loss.

Final Evolution of the Starter Pokémon revealed for Pokémon Sun and Moon


CATEGORY Arrow Quill Pokémon
TYPE Grass/Ghost
HEIGHT 5′03″
WEIGHT 80.7 lbs.
ABILITY Overgrow

This Pokémon is able to move about while completely masking its presence from others. Once an opponent has lost sight of it, Decidueye seizes the chance to attack it unawares. In a tenth of a second, Decidueye plucks an arrow quill from within its wing and sends its hurtling toward its target. Its speed is astonishing, but not more so than its precise aim, which enables the arrow quill to pierce a target through and through from half a mile or more away! Decidueye usually acts very cool, but it can become terribly flustered in unexpected situations like a surprise attack.

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Before: July 2014 After: January 2016
-80lbs lost

“No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everyone on the couch.”

If Any Of My Followers Support Nicole Arbour

Here’s some basic ACTUAL facts for you to consider.

*The deadly kind of fat is visceral fat (the kind around your organs which doesn’t make you look fat). Not subcutaneous fat (the kind that makes you look fat). In other words, you can be skinny and have heart disease. You can be fat and be fine. Claiming you’re only fat-shaming “because you care about health” is bullshit. Why doesn’t Nicole Arbour yell at skinny people who eat like crap? Because she’s lying.

*Obesity is linked more with malnutrition due to poverty NOT due to a decadent diet. Arbour is literally mocking people too poor to get enough good food.

*Read up on the insulin response, ghrelin, leptin, and the lack of availability of good food/affordable food in poorer neighborhoods. Then tell me its all due to overeating and laziness. Hint: Its not, and Nicole Arbour has probably never even heard those words.

*Healthy weight is 80% diet and only 20% exercise. So even if you exercise a lot, people who cannot afford good food CANNOT exercise enough to make up for poor diet. What’s more, people living in poverty tend to be busy with multiple jobs and can’t afford childcare, so they have even less time to exercise.

*Satire is about punching up at the people/institutions in power. That’s the ENTIRE point of satire. Kicking someone who is already oppressed or mistreated by society and then winking about it is NOT satire. It’s being an ASSHOLE.

*Fat people (even children, who do not make their own dietary choices and thus have no control over their weight) face extreme prejudice, mocking, and even harassment. People have been assaulted for being fat. People are denied jobs based on their weight. Fat people have higher rates of depression than their peers who weigh less. For people who have to face this sort of abuse everyday, a fat-shaming video is straight out psychological torment. If Nicole Arbour actually cared about fat people, she would care about their mental health and how her bullying affects that.

*Bullying is bullying no matter who you do it to. I don’t care how much you may dislike fat people or how they don’t fit into your ideal aesthetic. People don’t exist on this planet to please YOU. If someone is not hurting anyone, you have no right to verbally assault them and make them feel bad for merely existing.

*That poor child who sat next to Nicole Arbour on the plane deserves a goddamn award for enduring a flight next to such an unpleasant person and keeping his cool. If I were forced to sit next to that vacuous idiot, I would probably toss a biology textbook and an instructional pamphlet on how to actually tell a fucking joke into her lap, and say “Make better choices.”