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you guys im SO hungover still but listen, there is only one way “elain uses the bond to manipulate lucien” goes

  • nobody asks her to do it. she’s just tired of feeling like she’s not contributing, tired of everyone treating her like she’s too delicate and sweet to do the kind of awful, ruthless work the rest of them do. 
  • and also it’s pretty clear that everyone’s feeling about lucien are mixed at best, so she tells herself–it’s okay, he’s probably not that good of a guy anyway, he’s the enemy, it’s okay, it’s okay–
  • her gut tells her otherwise, of course, but she talks herself into it.
  • she gets there and she’s all smiles and flirty arm touches and doe eyes
  • (and lucien… if he doesn’t see through it, he can tell something’s seriously wrong, but she’s here and she’s his mate so even if he’s wary as hell he’s still going to talk to her)
  • this lasts a maximum of twenty three minutes before Elain bursts into tears midsentence and she starts crying im sorry, i can’t do it, i’m sorry, you don’t deserve this, I just wanted to help feyre, i’m so sorry
  • like, guys, lucien is so sad and he has been hurt so many times. manipulating him is like kicking a puppy. I don’t think Elain would go through with it regardless because that’s just not her, but once she’s next to him, once she feels him through the bond and gets even the faintest idea of how much he’s already suffered, game over.
  • Lucien can’t find it in himself to be upset, or even disappointed, honestly. he wants to be hurt, should feel hurt, at the deception, but fuck, there’s so obviously not a malicious bone in her body that all he feels is pity and a sort of directionless anger–not towards elain, but towards the circumstances that made this poor sweet kid feel like she had to turn herself into a monster.
  • Lucien soothes her as best he can, assures her he’s not mad, that he understands. Elain keeps apologizing and can’t stop crying, and Lucien resorts to making dumb jokes to put her at ease.
  • Which just makes Elain cry harder, because he’s being so nice and sweet when she tried to do something awful to him, and–
  • Listen. it’s a mess. Lucien starts crying too a little bit. all the pent up emotions and anxieties about the bond and each other get released in ugly cry-laughter and then Elain gets the hiccups and her whole body convulses with each one and it’s the funniest thing lucien has ever seen in his life.
  • at long last it all works its way out of their system and they’re teary and wrung out, a strange and fragile comfort between them now
  • and elain, because her entire coming here was predicated on the lie that just spectacularly imploded, asks, “What do we do now?”
  • Lucien says, “I think we should be on the same team.”
  • “I’d like that.”
  • and from then on they are

Let’s talk about Dustin.

They could’ve easily made him the stereotypical “chubby friend” who just loves food, says dumb things for comedic effect, and is one who gets picked on by the rest of his friends.  This trope is so common in films about groups of young friends, guys or girls, mostly young and high school aged.  But they didn’t do that.

This kid is smart.  He has an imagination.  He’s open to all possibilities.  He’s observant - he’s the one who noticed the compasses.  

Yeah he brought food for their excursion, but not because he’s obsessed with it or he brought it all for himself.  He was being logical.  If they were gone for a while or doing anything strenuous, yeah they’d need energy.  Candy, chips, fruit, and trail mix.  

The only thing he gets made fun of for is his lack of front teeth, and it’s only by the two bullies at school.  His friends aren’t “pity friends”.  

tl;dr Dustin is the most beautiful little cinnamon roll


she’s a handsome woman // panic! at the disco

But guys, what if our bonding moment in Legendary Defender was supposed to be the equivalent to this?? Cause if that’s so then, DANG DREAMWORKS, YA REALLY TURNED UP THE GAY DIDN’T CHA???

  • california for the last 5 years: drought drought drought drought dr--[30 minutes of rain; inhabitants rejoice]--ought drought drought drought drought drought drought dr
  • californians, for the last 5 years: please. give us some rain. a proper storm, some mystical skywater, pl ea se. we’re begging you. our crops are dying, our children have only ever known summer, the cows are turning to jerky in the fields,
  • universe, for the last 5 years: ............
  • universe, earlier this year: oh, what’s that? u want rain?? i can help! have some rain! sorry it’s so overdue !! let me just-- !!
  • californians, earlier this year: th ank you thank you thank you hahaha we haven’t had this much rain in y ears this is wild i can’t believe the drought’s finally endi--
  • universe: :)
  • universe: :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
  • californians, now: .............shit

Sorry for all this, but since I’ve been blocked I can’t actually directly respond.

It’s great that you think that A became Asexual from Ally when AVEN forced the issue, but… AVEN formed in iike, what, 2000?

I can personally remember A being Asexual in the 90s, before that event.

My partner remembers it from the 80s, and points out that sometimes there were two As (Asexual and Ally) and sometimes two Qs (Queer and Questioning).

I know Marsha P. Johnson and Silvia Rivera were influential in the late 60s and early 70s, but they did not start the community.  They were organizers IN the community that already existed.  And they were in NYC.  The communities in the midwest and California were not entirely identical back in the before times.  Hell, the lesbians and the gays couldn’t always be in the same room with one another and stay polite.

The internet has homogenized this stuff some, but back in the 80s and 90s things weren’t quite as consistent as they have become.

The ‘X’ that Kinsey discussed were absolutely part of the existing queer community, even if they weren’t calling themselves ‘ace’.  Same people.

I can’t remember citations, but I’m pretty sure if you go dig up some of good old Magnus Hirschfeld work that you’ll find that pre-WWII queer community in Berlin (ie, the San Francisco of Europe at the time) included discussions of people we would recognize as Asexual.

History is long and complicated.  It’s a great story that Aces and Aros are cishet and straight and not part of the community, but it’s a story. It’s revisionist history.  It disagrees with my lived experience (I’m old).

The thing that really cheeses me off about this whole conversation is that back in the 80s and 90s you had this exact conversation, except it was about the ‘B’ or the ‘T’.  Not the ‘A’.  Now, the people making these kinds of exclusionary statements are excluding the ‘A’ from the LGBT.  And they use the same kinds of arguments.  B people are either straight (and therefore not part of the community) or confused gay people (in which case they were fine).  T people aren’t ‘really’ women, so they don’t belong in lesbian spaces.  Really they’re just gay men who like dressing up or they’re straight men who don’t belong in the community because they’re some kind of fetishist.

It’s always about peeling off some of these queer identities and reducing them to the ‘actually gay’ part (who are okay, if strange, and part of the community) and the ‘actually straight’ part (who are our oppressors, and don’t belong and are evil and sneaky and trying to horn in on our community and make us unsafe and doing it for attention).

It’s a conversation that makes us poorer every time we have to go through it. 

bearnabus replied to your post “Know what I want from an episode? I want a scene where like Lucy is in…”

A similar thought- what if Flynn saved Wyatt & Rufus at some point for Lucy’s benefit. Like in this scenario Lucy is totally fine, maybe the time team got separated and the boys are in trouble. Of course Flynn couldn’t care less if they get hurt/die, but Lucy is freaking out, so Flynn’s finally just like *eye roll* “Calm down, woman!” *goes and saves them* “Are you happy now? Can we get back to destroying Rittenhouse??” I want to see him save Lucy way more, but I think this could be cute too.

Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Good. The exact opposite of the events in 1.11. Hahaha.

That would be great. Because where Wyatt and Rufus are concerned, Flynn can take ‘em or leave ‘em. He has threatened to or attempted to kill them. Even scenes with the four of them, Flynn will speak mostly to Lucy, ignoring the other two until they speak directly at him (sometimes not even then). Wyatt and Rufus are… accessories. So Flynn saving Lucy is great. Fantastic. But saving the boys FOR Lucy would mean he cares about her beyond her physical wellbeing. Or that he would rather appease her and win her cooperation than leverage it. Opposite of 1.11. Very good.

Also, yeah, I’d like it if Flynn would care about the guys a little more. Just give me everybody working together and protecting each other. As Rittenhouse becomes a bigger and more serious threat, these two teams can’t keep spurning each other just because their views are too radical or too minimalistic. Enemy of my enemy and all that. It’s been proven effective. We’ve done it before. Successfully. Until it didn’t work anymore.

Let’s strive towards a future with more teamwork and nods.

Granted, Flynn would still see Lucy as the most beneficial member of their team. Wyatt and Rufus are just part of the package deal.