80 lb. weight loss


My first ever crop top!!!

Guys I’m so excited about this!!!! I mean it looks good now, but just wait until I start hitting more of my fitness goals!!!!

Also, Nimmy wouldn’t leave me alone! Haha. She wanted in on the pictures! 😻


Disclaimer: I have scars from a total of 3 stomach surgeries and loose skin from a total 80 lb weight loss. Please don’t be mean my body has been so nice to me and I’ve worked really hard.

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Studies prove that you're just going to gain it all back. Diest don't work You're only hurting yourself.


[[You’re right, DIETS don’t work, as in fad diets and unsustainable eating habits, and most go right back to how they used to eat after, thus regaining the weight. What DOES work, however, is a lifestyle change and proper eating habits combined with watching CICO (calories in vs calories out). ]]

[[ Eating habits make up 80% of weight loss. My first 30 lb were done with 0 exercise as I was actually not permitted to, and every attempt to defy ended up with me in emergency. Sure, exersize and adding muscle will boost your metabolism, but it’s all about not eating too much. You don’t even have to starve yourself! I’m never hungry through all this, because loading up on high protein food and a fuck of good greens keep you full a long time for less calories. Hell, I still have a small Slurpee every other day ( I’m fucking addicted to Coke slurpees, It’s a sin on mine) and still lose weight as I factor the calories and sugar into my numbers. No need to deprive myself of my guilty pleasure.]]

[[ So yeah, go take your HAES fatlogic and shove it in your fupa rolls.]]

So I’m super happy, because today is the first day that I officially fit in a size 16. I’ve been able to put those jeans on but zipping them and buttoning them was a whole nother story.

The picture on the left I’m wearing a size 22, and they were tight. I was on the verge of wearing a size 24.
Now I’m comfortably wearing a size 16. I’m so excited and happy, I’m 6 sized away from my ideal pants size and I’ve already lost 80 lbs and 8 sizes. I’m very proud of myself. It’s been a long journey and I’ve got a ways to go. But I’m going to keep working for it.