80 feet

Things that are canon because of the Final Fantasy 7 Extended Universe
  • A best-selling epic based on the My Bloody Valentine album Loveless
  • Cloud hoarded all of the master materia after the first game
  • Reeve still uses Cait Sith years after his cover is blown
  • Cait Sith talks in a Scottish accent but Reeve doesn’t (???)
  • Everyone with a voice actor goes out of their way to never say Aerith’s name because it’s apparently still up in the air how her name is spelled?
  • It’s entirely possible that Vincent actually was coming to Midgar just to buy a phone and decided to help fight Bahamut just because
  • The entire party has enough upper body strength to each throw Cloud 80 feet into the air
  • Rude keeps at least two pairs of sunglasses on him no matter where he is or what time of day
  • The Turks are all probably immortal?
  • Literally everyone is apparently good enough for SOLDIER except for Cloud
  • Zack was reincarnated as a wolf, but also he’s still a man ghost sometimes
  • Aerith wrote 90 letters to her boyfriend without any response for four years and never assumed something went wrong until his parents said he was probably dead
  • Japanese pop idol Gackt is a Sephiroth clone and also possibly immortal?
  • Every time Sephiroth is reincarnated his sword gets two feet longer
  • Sometimes Hojo is Sephiroth’s father but sometimes it might be Vincent? And we never get a clear definite answer one way or the other??

feel free to add on or correct me because I’m sure there’s a lot I’m missing

Cryptid hunting is not just fun and games - it can be very dangerous if the proper research and precautions are not taken. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to Roquel Bain. Bain and her boyfriend were out searching for the legendary Pope Lick Monster on April 23rd, 2016, when the tragedy happened. The couple were in the area for a paranormal tour of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium and wanted to catch a peek at the fabled bridge as well. They decided to climb up on the bridge for a better look of the area, however just like them, most visitors to the area do not realize that this bridge is active. 

Reports say that they were 40 feet away from the safety of the bank off the bridge which was too far to outrun a train going 32mph. The conductor tried to break but was unable to stop the locomotive in time. Bain was struck by the train and plummeted 80 feet to her death. Her boyfriend managed to survive by dangling off the side of the bridge and climbing down to safety. 

Peru’s Boiling River

In the rainforest of Amazonian Peru, lies a boiling river that kills everything that is unfortunate enough to fall in. It is the world’s largest thermal river, running for four miles and reaching 80 feet at its widest point and 16 feet at its deepest. What makes it so unique is that it is non-volcanic.

Butterfly Caravan

Sorry for the long post. There we quite a few things said in one session of combat that lasted a few hours.

Some context - Our party has had a long running game, after many deaths our party currently consists of Ederborn (Wood Elf Ranger), Sulenna (Human Wizard - Prone to being downed a lot), Myllandra (Holy Blooded Cleric), Reinhardt (Human Warlock) and The Boson (Rock Gnome Mystic who changes his name on a daily basis and refuses to answer to anything but his name).

Our party has just been hired by a magical being disguised as a fox to investigate a sealed tomb with promise to ‘great reward’ for our services.

We approach the tomb and discover it to be covered in giant butterflies on the outside with a few mechanical guards stationed by the front door. On approach, we discover the butterflies to be moonlight butterflies (think Dark Souls. The exact same thing, but statted for D&D)

We awaken the mechanical golems and very quickly during the fight realise that we are heavily outmatched. Sulenna has already been downed and then revived by the cleric. Ederborn left part way through the combat so in game his character hid amongst the rocks.

Myllandra - OOC - “I’m gonna cast Polymorph on myself and become a young black dragon, fly 30 ft in the air and use my breath attack”

DM - “Erm, okay, let me just roll initiative… the butterflies are attracted to magic.”

Reinhardt - “Well, we’re dead.”

Sulenna - OOC - “I’m gonna cast fireball on the furthest butterfly to hit them both and hit them for 25 fire damage”

DM - “Okay, it’s now the butterflies turn, one attacks you Myllandra and the other attacks you Sulenna as you both used powerful magic”

Sulenna goes down for the 2nd time this combat and at this point Myllandra comes out of polymorph to heal Sulenna again. 

Reinhardt - OOC “Okay, I’ll take 100 for ‘things I never thought I’d say in D&D’ just take care of the butterflies.

Meanwhile the Boson has been shooting shot after shot at the butterflies hoping to kill one. One eventually dies and the other flies behind a 60ft wall surrounding the tomb.

Boson - “Okay guys, I have an idea…”

Reinhardt - “Don’t do it!”

Boson - “You don’t even know what my idea is yet”

Sulenna readies a magic missile - OOC “I know what he’s planning, let’s do this!”

Boson - OOC “I cast phantom caravan and teleport myself and Sulenna 120 ft above the butterfly”

Cue laughter from everyone but Reinhardt.

Reinhardt - OOC “After this Reinhardt is out, you’re all too crazy!”

DM - “Okay you’re now both 170 ft in the air and begin falling 30ft per round.”

Sulenna shoots her bolt and The Boson takes another shot at the butterfly.

Reinhardt - OOC “Falling through the air… Takes shot. who are you F'ing Widow?!?”

Boson - OOC “No, deadshot”

DM - You notice below you as you start to fall, another butterfly is resting on the outside of the wall. It takes a shot at Sulenna. (Sulenna goes back down)

Reinhardt - “Poor Myllandra, he’s been playing hot potato with heals, there’s gonna be an unofficial love story between the two by the end of it.” - OOC “I cast polymorph on myself and turn in to a young bronze dragon, then fly 80 feet in the air”

DM - “What is it with you all and dragons? A butterfly attacks you after the surge of powerful magic” He then fails the constitution saving throw and turns back to human. “You are now falling as well." 

Reinhardt - OOC "It’s okay, when I have to make a death saving throw I automatically resurrect and don’t have to make the throw. So I land in the superhero pose.”

GM - You don’t make the save until your next turn

Sulenna - OOC “So you land like this!" 

External image

Cue more laughter from everyone but Reinhardt.

DM - "So Sulenna has been up and down like a yoyo, Reinhardt is gonna make a nice pancake, Ederborn is hiding in the rocks, Myllandra is running back and forth going mad trying to prevent anyone from dying and the Boson is a human projectile falling rapidly towards a butterfly. Anything else I should add to that list?”

Boson - OOC “I spend 5 Psi points and sprout wings”

Dm - “I’m done! This is some proper dog fighting going on here, this is why DMs don’t use flying!”

The van is my rusty, leaky refuge. Wet towels, sand deposits, and objects as displaced as myself loom in the 80 square feet like goblins tugging at my patience. Mould and rust battle bleach and my bank respectively, in the end they’ll definitely win. At barely 50 miles per hour, sometimes the interstate can’t be avoided, at which times horns are honked and birds are flipped and at the very worst, truck drivers have actually sent me off the road gripping my wheel for dear life. We all put up with something to feel something else, right?

Sometimes I feel these limitations and hazards are penitence. Sometimes I feel it’s my yang to my yin. Sometimes I feel it’s just life and trouble is unavoidable, and the myth of safety and security and freedom only makes trouble more dominant, louder, and meaner.

I guess this is my “life on the road isn’t as great it looks” post. 🤷‍♂️

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve received a major donation of Edward Hopper archival materials! The materials, to be known as the Sanborn Hopper Archive at the Whitney Museum of American Art, are the generous gift of the Arthayer R. Sanborn Hopper Collection Trust and will be housed at the Whitney’s Frances Mulhall Achilles Library. The gift consists of about 4,000 items including more than 300 letters and notes from Hopper to his family, friends, and colleagues, 21 notebooks in Hopper’s own hand, and 90 notebooks by Hopper’s wife, Josephine Nivison Hopper, as well as extensive archival material relating to Hopper’s artistic career and personal life, such as photographs, personal papers, and dealer records. This collection exemplifies the long-standing commitment the Whitney has made to the work of Edward Hopper, a relationship that began in 1920, when the Whitney Studio Club, the forerunner to the Museum, gave him his first solo exhibition. Since the founding of the Museum in 1930, the Whitney has exhibited Hopper’s work more than that of any other artist. The Sanborn Hopper Archive will strengthen the Whitney’s extensive holdings relating to Hopper, which already includes over 3,000 works of art—the foremost collection of Hoppers in the world—as well as over 80 linear feet of research material in the Edward and Josephine Hopper Research Collection. 

[Edward Hopper’s “Notes on Painting” notebook (cover), c. 1940-1950, The Sanborn Hopper Archive at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Frances Mulhall Achilles Library, Gift of The Arthayer R. Sanborn Hopper Collection Trust, Series: Personal Papers, Edward Hopper, Notebooks]

Virgo Paritura

Hurricane Irma knocked over the two giant trees in our backyard. Both were over 80 feet tall and had been there before the neighborhood was built.

We got a couple of estimates of $3,800 - $5,000 to clear them away. I bought a chainsaw to see if I could clear some of it up myself to save some money (and hey! I bought a chainsaw!) After practicing my Texas Chainsaw Massacre moves I began to pare down the trees. I kept noticing these strange black rings on the wood as I cut off the branches.

At first, I thought it was oil from my chainsaw, but I used vegetable oil as the hardware store was all out of regular chain oil. Vegetable worked fine. Not only was it environmentally friendly, but it didn’t leave black oily stains on the wood.

I also noticed a few large wires in the root ball of both trees. I called the city and they looked at our survey and said there shouldn’t be any underground lines there. They did say not to touch anything and sent out a guy to scan the ground. While he found a bunch of metal wires around the root systems of both trees they weren’t connected to anything. “Probably just a bunch of wire and scrap they buried when they built up the neighborhood.” But why or how could the wire be under 100-year-old trees?

My chain got really dull as I cut up larger branches. I tried sharpening it, but it didn’t seem to help. So I bought a new one. Still, I wasn’t having any luck with the new chain. Maybe I’d put the chain on backward? No. I tried a few smaller branches and it cut right through. Then I looked closer at the larger branches and what I thought were oil stains turned out to be thin waves of metal. It was like someone had covered the entire tree with a heavy tinfoil and the tree grew over it. There were several layers throughout both trees.

Then looking again at the wires in the root ball I realized they were running up into the trunks of the trees.

The wires went up into the trees and disappeared into the branches, but where did the wires go from the trees? That’s when I started to dig and three days later I discovered the cave.

americanairliines  asked:

Theoretically, if humans were to keep blue whales in captivity, how large of a tank would they need to be kept in?

I have no idea. Like, it’s so off the radar - even theoretically - that it’s really hard to give you an answer. But, okay, I have engineers in my family I can pester, so let’s think this through. 

The things we’d have to consider for what a blue whale would need would be like: how much physical movement does such a huge animal need a day; what sorts of ways does a whale move (do they corner well? if not, better not have a tank with anything resembling corners); how deep do they need to dive, and for how long. Blue whales frequently dive to 330 feet below the surface to feed - yikes, there’s no way we can replicate that in a tank - but we could at least try to give them maybe 100 feet in our hypothetical tank. When migrating, blue whales sustain speeds between 3-6 miles per hour and top out around 30, so they’d definitely need a lot of room to move. 

The biggest fish we keep in captivity right now is a whale shark, the largest known specimen of which in the wild was about 40 feet long. The Ocean Voyager tank at the Georgia Aquarium is 6.3 million gallons of water and currently houses four whale sharks (and in my personal opinion still isn’t big enough for that number of animals). Blue whales grow to around 80 feet long. So you’d be looking at designing a tank for an animal that’s twice as long as a single whale shark … but is something like eight times heavier. (The heaviest blue whale known was 170 tonnes, whale sharks tend to be around 20 tonnes as adults). The Ocean Voyager tank is 284 feet long, 126 feet wide and 30 feet deep, so to scale that up for a much more massive animal? That’s going to be a damn big tank. 

As it stands, GA’s whale shark tank is one of the biggest tanks in existence in the world, and for anything to potentially be anywhere near appropriate for a blue whale, my guess is we’d start pushing the limits of what is physically possible to build. Water is heavy, and containing it requires the walls and support structure for the tank to be able to withstand a lot of pressure.  Basically, the pressure of the water in a tank is distributed across the bottom and the sides of t a tank. When we start talking about larger or deeper tanks, we run into issues with not the bottom of the tank being able to hold all that weight, but with the strength of the sides. Surfaces are generally better able to resist compression than tension, and the sides of a tank are basically being stretched by the pressure of the water. The bottom of the tank is supported by the ground or whatever structure has been built underneath it, but the integrity of the sides relies only on their shear strength, resistance to crack propagation, and resistance to corrosion. As a result, the sides have to be really, really beefy - even for just the tanks that currently exist. The acrylic viewing windows for the GA tank - which is only 30 ft deep - are two feet thick due to the sheer pressure exerted by the water within it. 

If we’re talking about a tank that has a large enough footprint for an 80-foot whale to be able to turn around comfortably and deep enough for a blue whale to dive at least somewhat… there’s probably not enough concrete in the world to build a tank strong enough to contain that much water. It would be much easier to shore the walls of a tank up with something like dirt -  although that would make viewing windows hard, because you’d probably be talking something like ten feet of acrylic to make sure all the edges of the tank had the same amount of structural support. 

I think, in short, that your hypothetical blue whale tank would probably end up being a very deep, very salty artificial lake. 

(Also, if we’re talking about an actual tank that has to be maintained, it would be ridiculous. If we’re sticking with a hypothetical 100 foot deep tank, that means the pressure at the bottom is going to be four times higher than standing on land (every 33 feet you go underwater, you’re experiencing another atmosphere of pressure). Someone would have to go in there to clean and maintain the tank fairly frequently, which is not a simple task. It’s dangerous and time-consuming to dive that deep because you have to stop on the way up to let dissolved gas leave your body - you’d spend twice as much time waiting on decompression stops as you actually would working on the bottom. Very few non-professional divers frequently ever go down that deep, and it’s absolutely not something that would be safe for a person to do on a frequent basis). 

Haha, yeah, soooo not dead. (Spoilers ahead)

See this guy? Yeah, this son of a biscuit ripped my heart out back in 2014, and I still haven’t recovered. 

Alright, so in the wake of this tragedy, I have looked up some facts on his ‘death’ out of pure interest, as I have always been interested in the whole, “Tadashi survived the fire/explosion,” ordeal.

And my friends, I was not disappointed.

Basic Facts

Okay so the first problem we’re given is that Tadashi supposedly ‘died’ without his body being found. Like, NO remains whatsoever. However, if we’re to believe that the building was searched looking for both Callaghan and Tadashi, neither of their remains being found, especially with technology like Baymax’s scanner, then the movie is WRONG.

So let’s assume there was no body. I’ll explain this a bit more later. For now, though, science, work your magic and explain this.

Bone, to begin with, is stronger (In most instances) than concrete. And the materials below the building are some sort of tile material, which is softer and more breakable than concrete. BUT THEY DIDN’T BREAK. It’s reasonable to believe that the bones of this marshmallow would’ve cracked, but certainly weren’t smashed completely and beyond analyzing. 

Secondly, The force of the explosion (Or shockwave) wouldn’t have been able to disintegrate him, as the building was still standing. Simple logic, really!

Thirdly, the fire couldn’t have melted his remains, definitely not bones, in that instance. The heat that could be able to melt his bones would be around 1381 degrees celsius, or 2517.8 degrees fahrenheit. The heat of flame is around  585 degrees celsius (1,100 degrees fahrenheit) SO yeah, quite the bit of a gap there. 

What’s more, Tadashi’s body couldn’t have been burned beyond recognition and analyzing in the fire. According to Butler Funeral Homes, the process of cremation to ash takes around 2 to 2 ½ hours. And on top of that, when we hear Hiro yelling for his brother in that scene, amongst your own tears of agony, you can also hear sirens.

For the life of me, I couldn’t find how long it took to put out fires. I looked, but it seems that this is all pretty relative. But we’re going to to assume that the size of the exposition center is around the size of an average high school gym, which is 110 by 80 feet long,or 8,800 square feet, we can assume that the fire would take about 4 times the length of an average house to burn down. That’s 8 minutes, so it would proportionally take around 32 minutes (to be generous) for the exposition center to burn and actually collapse.

But we know that the firefighters were already there just moments after the fire started. The fire should be extinguished in a short time after that, (10-20 minutes, maybe) at least compared to other incidents, but certainly doesn’t add to a whopping 2 ½ hours that it would take to burn Tadashi beyond recognition.

With the timing of the firefighters (again, assumed) and the fact that no body was found going against the scientific purposes, the whole thing just doesn’t sit right.

(Minds being blown across the internet)

Originally posted by dj066rapunz3l

So, no body? Then he’s not dead. I will admit, the blow would have a high probability of being fatal. However, there would’ve been some remains, as we can assume the fire was put out soon after he ran in. 

To further back this up, let’s start early: The funeral. The funeral we see doesn’t include much footage pertaining to the funeral itself, only managing to include 6 seconds of the movie. We can, however, pull some clues from that.

Notice that the spacing between the stones on the left are very small, hinting that this could be a memorial rather than a funeral. We don’t see a casket or anything, and while it could be because people are blocking it, it would be safe to assume that this wasn’t a burial.

Also, notice that Callaghan’s remains were also never found, as he was alive. Tadashi was in there for a shorter amount of time, yes, but they both experienced the explosion. Now let’s also assume that if Tadashi’s remains were found, people may have suspicions about Callaghan’s not being there in the building, yet the whole thing seems like a thing of the past to the characters.

So from that, we can assume that Tadashi’s remains were also not found. The characters would have believed that they both were disintegrated, right? But if Tadashi had actually been disintegrated, than the explosion and circumstances would have to had been a lot different. So, how about looking in the subject of lore?


So, as some fans of the movie know, there originally was a comic series detailing the events of Big Hero 6. While the movie was far off from the source material, we can safely say they used many of the characters. So, when I say they will use another character from the comic, will you believe it? In the original, there’s a fellow hero that joins the group in their adventures.

See this guy? He was named Sunfire. Fitting, no? And I’m aware that many fans have heard this before, but I’m also gonna bring in a bit more information for you fellow nerds. 

This guy got his firebending abilities from an atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, with the comic being based in Japan. Explosion, huh? Sound familiar? Yes, I’m aware that an atomic bomb and the explosion depicted in the film are very different, but we can say for a fact (Obviously) that an atomic bomb is based off of nuclear energy. In the movie, we never get a clear factor to depict what started the fire. Hiro initially blames Callaghan, but it’s never proven.

What we can speculate is that the fire somehow originated from nuclear energy based off of how many prototypes and inventions there were where the explosion started.  And on what we know about the scientific side of it, there was no body, a character named Sunfire whose powers are based off of the element, from a nuclear explosion no less, and they say a body was never found?

Also, people would argue that nuclear energy could have destroyed Tadashi, but I think that’s not true. Essentially, Hiro’s face is intact from being a short distance away from the building, so there may’ve been only a small amount of radiation, just enough to effect the older Hamada.

Originally posted by gifheaven

I digress.

What We’re Given

Okay, so I’ve proven my point from science to lore, what else can I say? Well, there is one first hand source for this.

Baymax himself.

Alright, Baymax is a robot with high-tech scanning abilities. And based on what we know about robots, they’re not exactly keen in the realm of sarcasm and rhetorics. We can see this throughout the movie, especially when Hiro has to explain metaphors and sayings to him, which is a running gag throughout the film. There’s one point where I feel like we can say for certain that Baymax is the one who knows of Tadashi’s living.

Okay, so the phrase, “Tadashi is here,” is something we Big Hero 6 fans know well. And I will admit, Baymax saying “Tadashi is here,” after Hiro yells in the garage is referring to the videos. But what we’ve all been overlooking is how Baymax actually says that phrase twice. He utters it after he’s done recharging, a little while after he acknowledges Tadashi’s hat on the bed.

Hiro simply responds with, “They say he’s still here as long as we remember him,” or something of the sort. However, we don’t see Baymax displaying the video to him or anything like that, so what if he knows Tadashi’s out there, still? Perhaps even closeby? He can’t have meant it rhetorically. He’s a robot. 

Originally posted by disneymufossils


One thing that bugged me the most is the fact that everyone in the movie assumed that the microbots were destroyed in the explosion, including Hiro, who friggin’ created them. He would surely know the boundaries and limits of his creation.

This only leads me further into the idea that no remains were found. The characters seemed to assume that if the explosion was strong enough to wipe Tadashi and Callaghan off the face of the earth, they were strong enough to destroy the microbots. But this is false, clearly. This brings us to think that Tadashi disappeared for different reasons.

Hiro is clearly astonished when he finds that the microbots could be replicated, holding up almost perfectly in order to keep Callaghan alive. This doesn’t mean that the microbots are stronger than Hiro thought, but that the explosion was weaker than what it took to completely destroy Tadashi.

To Wrap Things Up

So, yeah. He’s not dead. Tadashi is alive, ya’ll. He might come back as a superhero/villain, or whatever! Continue writing your fanfictions, drawing fan-art, and speculate about what happened. WIth the series coming ever closer, I’d keep an eye out for any hints about his whereabouts. I’ll be looking for it, and I’ll be quick to blog about it. Also, comment about your theories and what I missed! I’d love to read them!!

Thanks, guys!

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My current campaign is in the Curse of Strahd and as my group was in a tower with an anti-magic field around it, we were getting bombarded by witches flying outside

Me (a druid) OOC: I want to jump out of one of the windows and use Thorn Whip to pull the witch off the broom.

DM: uhh, you know you’re like 80 feet in the air, right?

rest of party: and there’s and elevator.

Me: its too slow.

DM: Make an athletics check to jump out of the window and an attack on the witch

Me OOC: 16 (pass) and a 18 (hits)

DM: How much do you weigh, make a strength check to pull her down.

Me OOC: 280, and a 13

DM: Well shit she rolled a 2,  but on her way down she casts featherfall on herself.

Me OOC: on my way down i’ll Beast shape in to an elk to absorb the fall damage and wait for her to hit the ground and attack her when she gets there.